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Online profile “Spring Cleaning” tips from relationships expert Jessica Baker

Through her company, Aligned Signs, Jessica has helped thousands of individuals achieve total self-awareness, as well as connect with others who compliment them socially, professionally, and romantically.
Through her company, Aligned Signs, Jessica has helped thousands of individuals achieve total self-awareness, as well as connect with others who compliment them socially, professionally, and romantically.
Courtesy of Aligned Signs/Jessica Baker

Spring has sprung and everywhere you look, love is in the air. The birds are doing it. The bees are doing it. You want to do it, but you’re just not getting the responses you desire from your online dating profile. What gives?

Well, according to expert, Jessica Baker, founder of Aligned Signs, a successful online dating website, just like everything else, come springtime, you have to clean up your profile. That’s right! If you want to rid yourself of cobwebs, you must dust off your online information and spiffy it up!

So what qualifications does Baker bring to the table? According to Jaclyn Inglis, Public Relations representative for Aligned Signs, experience. “Aligned Signs was inspired by Jessica Baker’s personal journey of self-discovery and seeking meaning in her life and relationships. Leveraging the tools and extensive training that helped her, she has dedicated her life to helping others connect with themselves and others in a deeper and more meaningful way. As a leader in her industry, and the visionary of one of the fastest growing self-discovery platforms, Jessica is often called upon to share insight about a number of topics related to self-improvement, dating, and relationships. Through her company, Aligned Signs, Jessica has helped thousands of individuals achieve total self-awareness, as well as connect with others who compliment them socially, professionally, and romantically.”

Baker has already waded through good, the bad, and the ugly, and put together everything you need to successfully find your special someone. Her formula for matching you up is based on both the practical and the mystical. “Aligned Signs’ main objective for its users is for them to have a more fulfilling life. Come with an open mind to explore new ways to discover the most important person in your life, you! offers the ability to delve deeper into your makeup through Chinese Zodiac, Western Astrology and the Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment tools. In addition there is also a plethora of articles, infographics and videos covering all topics as it relates to being healthy in mind, body and soul that will educate, enable and intrigue you. If you so choose, you can be matched up with others who have taken the initiative to invest time and energy into themselves as well.”

What, exactly, are the criteria for a match “There are the obvious personal preferences that are considered, such as likes, dislikes, interests, hobbies, etcetera. Type of relationship pursuit is also a filtering option, so you can choose to meet people for friendship, networking, dating, or all of the above. Lastly, all the personality identifiers are up for compatibility connections. Basically, if you want to link up with others who complement your Western Astrology sign, Chinese Zodiac sign, or MBTI® personality result type, you can do so with one identifier or all three. Say you like all Leo’s (a western astrology sign) and just want to meet them and disregard your suggested compatibility signs, you can do that too!”

Now that you know where it all begins, how can you polish your profile and make it shine?

Baker says ‘Perfect Your Tone’. Delivery is key to ensuring that your personality comes through on screen. Write in a friendly and conversational manner. Simply imagine that you are talking to someone and write in full sentences. Be sure your profile flows but refrain from allowing it to read like a resume for a job.

Be Honest: Deliver your message and profile details with sincerity and truth. You do not want the other person to feel misled the first time you meet! A wrongful build-up to something about you, what you believe, or what you are looking for does not help. This honesty extends to photographs. Use images that are recent and reflect your current look. It’s much better to attract fewer people who want to get to know the authentic you, then a lot of people to a character you portray yourself as.

Let Yourself Shine: Highlight the fun aspects of your personality. Take pride in what you do and who you are. Everyone has a uniqueness that is all their own. What makes you stand out? Share stories about your travels, your family history, your talents, or your adventurous attitude. Everyone has a few standout qualities and these need to be conveyed. Show confidence and conviction in your thoughts and opinions.

Mention Your Hobbies Throughout Your Profile: Instead of creating a generic list of hobbies and interests, I recommend weaving them into your profile to create a deeper narrative of who you are. For example, if you are into photography, mentioning that ‘I spent a week in Africa shooting Wildebeest migration’ is a fantastic statement. Not only does it communicate your hobby but also the patience and effort you are willing to invest in it. You are communicating that you enjoy travel as well.

Ask Friends & Family To Chime In: Those closest to you love you for many reasons and likely see things in you that you may not see in yourself. Allow a few trusted comrades to review your profile and take into consideration their insights into your personality and the kind of friend you are.

Don’t Share Everything (leave something for your first date): Having plans and goals in life is a good thing, but sharing all of them with others before you get to know them is probably not the best idea. It might communicate a lack of desire to change or be flexible. Keeping an open-mind is essential. You might come across some really wonderful people that you didn’t realize you could appreciate until you met them.

Stay Away From Overused Language – Be Original: Being “down-to-earth” may be great, but do not mention it. This is a phrase that is a bit overused. You don’t want to come across as bland and uncreative. Try to use language that flows from you authentically.

Saying you are Embarrassed to be Online is a NO-NO: If you are embarrassed about being online and socializing, do not go online. It is a cardinal sin to say ‘I cannot believe I am here’ on your summary because it implies that you hold in low esteem the medium and those who use it (including yourself).

Keep Sexually Provocative Photos Offline: Potential dates want a clear picture of your face, and they want to learn something about you and your wonderful nature through the pictures they see. Photos that are overtly sexual and reveal too much skin can communicate negative ideas about who you are and what your intentions are. You want to find someone who finds your persona and make-up as an individual attractive, in addition to you exterior assets.

Aligned Signs takes your search for love very seriously. With that in mind, they take the safety of their members just as seriously. This is why it’s so important to be completely honest about who you are when building your profile. Bakers adds what they do to help maintain integrity and therefore, safety; “At Aligned Signs the intention is different in that we want to appreciate you for the real you, not have you compete with others on who has the best façade. It’s not about who has the most witty profile or photo shopped images, it’s about saying “I am who I am, take it or leave it”. Confidence is sexy and so is conviction in who you are and what you want. Whether a member signs up for a membership or has a promo code, we require they put in verifying card information for cross checking purposes should any problem arise for whatever reason. We also continually encourage our members to be safe and stay abreast to tips and tricks to avoid possible unpleasant issues.” Example:

Now you know how to create a successful and standout online dating profile, but the most important aspect of any profile is you! Remember to be yourself. Nothing is more attractive than just being who you are.

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