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Online petition begun to conscript Ted Nugent for service in Afghanistan

Ted Nugent
Wikimedia Commons

An online petition was created on Tuesday, one that asked the United States government to concript (i.e., draft) and send gun-rights advocate and Obama hater Ted Nugent to Afghanistan. The petition was quickly taken down by White House staff, though.

The petition was created by Douglas Anthony Cooper at the Huffington Post. He wrote:

Ted Nugent is perhaps the most courageous man in America. America needs courageous men. Hence, I've launched a petition to draft Ted Nugent to serve on the front lines in Afghanistan.

You may well wonder why Mr. Nugent has not already made this decision on his own. This is a complex medical affair: while courageous in a way rarely encountered this side of Chuck Norris, Mr. Nugent has long been plagued by an allergy to active duty. I stress that this is an allergy, not a personal disposition. There is a vast difference, yo.

Ted Nugent wants to fight. He just can't bring himself to do so, because of this unfortunate and rare ailment. We can help.

Naturally, there is no drafting of anyone -- period.

The White House also didn't see the humor in the petition, as they took it down quickly.

Nugent is expected to make news tonight, as he has been invited to the State of the Union address by Steve Stockman (R-Texas). Nugent has vowed to stay respectful of the office of the President tonight, but he has not done so in the past.

In 2012, Nugent told an NRA convention that

if Barack Obama becomes the president in November again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year.

Nugent’s comments drew the attention of the Secret Service, which saw the comments as a possible threat, but Nugent said he had never threatened anyone’s life.

Nugent has until April to make good on that comment.

Since the petition was removed from "We the People," Cooper decided to move it to the uncensored

The petition says the following:

Ted Nugent, draft dodger, should have the opportunity to redeem his sullied reputation, so that he can drown us in a cesspool of guns. In fact, we should make him do this. An executive order is appropriate: Mr. President, conscript the Nuge.

The petition is very new. It has only 43 supporters at the time of this writing.


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