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Online newspapers from history a research and educational tool

Newspapers from the globe featured in Google/com/newspapers
Newspapers from the globe featured in Google/com/newspapers

By accessing a Google page, you can read a newspaper from anywhere in the world. It is a wonderful research tool.

"Google" is now a replacement word for "search" or "research." Where once we advised, "Research it in the library," or even (for those of us archaic beings) "Check the Dewey Decimal system," we now tell one another to "Google it" when we want to know more. Here is a Google page that lists, in alphabetical order, thousands of archived newspapers. it is a wonderful tool for education, research, genealogy, and just plain interesting to see what the other side of the globe is doing.

For example, in an 1862 edition of French newspaper L'Abeille de la Nouvelle, we can read of ships departing and arriving from places like New York. In the June 5, 1918 edition of the now defunct Alabama Citizen a man named Honorable L.B. Musgrove made the front page; he was the Chairman of the Anti-Saloon Committee. "Alabama is leading the fight for National prohibition" the article reads (source). The first recorded interracial marriage in Tennessee was dutifully reported on the same page as an interview with Barbra Streisand (who was making a new movie, "Funny Girl") in the Lewiston Evening Journal on July 19, 1967.

Readers can search by newspaper edition, date, or subject. A search for "Ryman Auditorium" results in over 2,000 results. Search of the date May 1, 1963 shows over 100,000,000 results. A search of Holocaust survivor, educator, and Nashvillian Esther Loeb results in at least two articles. And the April 16, 1912 edition of the Gettysburg Times has a headline: The Titanic Sinks, Loss of Life Heavy.

There are more than life-changing and historic headlines. You can learn the cost of a man's suit in 1920, the stock market numbers from 1976, and see how historical newspaper articles were written: the style and grammar differ century to century.

To see the list of newspapers available and to read them, click HERE

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