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Online Mindfulness Retreat for 20 minutes?

Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco
Juan Negrillo

Many negative thoughts crowding your mind lately? The facts and events which we immediately received from the media only help us be become depressive. What are you doing to inspire positive inner thoughts? Our mind needs direction. Our inspiration will not appear in front of us as if by magic. We need to do some home work first. And it's easy, for the excessively negative readers.

Studies show that few minutes of meditation or mindfulness exercise tools or related activities improve considerably our mental "breath" significantly. Nope, you don't need not leave the comfort of your home or your PJs, and still connect with other people just like you need to become more positive. Usually these sessions are long and maybe embarrassing for beginners but we will introduce you a brief and casual one.

A online meeting happens on the Wednesday nights at 8:00p.m. (PST) in English and 8:30p.m. (PST) in Portuguese. The conversation is friendly and directed to those who wants to practice the present moment. Open to anyone regardless of intellectual background or those folks who wants to learn more about the mindfulness tools and benefits. Further details about Mindfulness Practice every Wednesday at