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Online medical assistant program

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The medical assistant is one of the integral members of health care service where they just assigned to work with the delivery team or in the administrative office or they may conduct examine in the rooms of physician office laboratory or the research lab. These people are qualified by their education and they act as a bridge between the doctor and the patients to give success to the medical practices. Medical assisting is one of the fastest growing careers according to the United States bureau of labor statistics.

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Duty responsibilities of medical assistants

This is one of the most noble and caring job in the whole health care services. These assistants are now in huge demand due to advancement of technologies and the growing in the no. of old people, who need medical treatments. The duties of these assistants vary from office to office depending upon the location, size, responsibilities and the state laws. If we consider the administrative jobs point of view these guys are usually use computers, answer the phones, greet the patients, update the files of patients and even they code and fill the insurance forms. Apart from this they also arrange scheduling appointments, arrange hospital admissions and laboratory services and even handle the correspondence, bill and book keeping.

Clinical responsibilities

These guys are even good at handling the clinical resources and emergencies. They normally explain the treatment procedure to a patient, prepare patients for examinations, assist physician during the exams and even collect and prepare the laboratory specimens. Apart from these they can even perform the basic laboratory tests. They can do the E.C.G of patients and instruct patients about their medication and special diets.

Education and training

You need to study the medical assisting course at the undergraduate level and you can earn a certificate and associate degree. Normally no formal education is required, but if have any then it makes an advantage point to your resume. The duration of this course usually takes 30 credited hours. So students can complete it within nine months to one year duration. During the course of certification program the students are taught courses like basic anatomy, physiology, laboratory procedures and specimen collections techniques. Apart from this some schools even provide more facility like the internship program.

Online program

Apart from the regular studies students can choose online studies to earn a certificate. You can visit different websites where there is a directories regarding all universities those who provide these kinds of special programs. Before checking for any university in the internet, check out whether program in that university is accredited or not. Also find out what is duration of the course and what is the syllabus of that university before joining to their programs.

Job outlook and salary

As per the Bureau of Labor statistics it has been found that there were about 527,000 employment of medical assistant in the health care sector and it is expected that the rate is going to be increased around 31% in the coming decade. The salary is best in the industry as per the statistical reviews and every year the growth rate is around 10-15% in the salaries of these assistants.

So if you are planning to pursue a career in the following program, then you are making the right choice to glory your future path in the current market job scenarios.

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