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Online marketing strategies for absolute beginners

We are all familiar with that situation, you think you should focus more with your online presence in search engines like Google, your online marketing efforts and all that goes with it but you just don't know where to start from. Then you start to wonder where you should start? How the internet will make sense to your small business, because you only create emails and you deal with office applications?

If you recognize yourself in this situation, then you are just like thousands of others business marketers online. Online marketing, internet advertising or whatever you name it sometimes appears just too overwhelming and complex for the small business owners. There are simple and effective ways to optimize your online local presence with a bit of hard work and patience.

The first thing you must do is to take care of your business details on Google Places the second important part is to start collecting online reviews and recommendations and the third element of your campaign will be to list your business in local directories and sub directories so your company will start getting mentions on the web.

Registering for Google Places

One of the best ways for your company to start appear in the search results, even on first page of Google is to list your business in Google Places. This guarantee you prominent and permanent listing in the Google local search results. The key to a successful entry is to fill out all the data required from Google with accurate and exacts data so when the customers lands on your page they will see actual information about your business like working hours, address, phone number, pictures of your business and etc. By doing so you will help your page to look more informative and professional and it will start generating reviews and ratings for your business, people will start rate your business with yellow stars according to your service and how pleased are they also with your page and online experience. What you need to do is to set a Google Account and from there by following their guidelines you can create your Google+ page, your Google Places page and to manage all of the Google services.

Collecting recommendations and online reviews

Local companies generate large amount of their new customers based on mouth to mouth recommendations. We all know how this work you basically recommend a service or a product to a friend directly this is basically one of the oldest free advertising and it is still one of the most effective one. But since we now live in more digital and online orientated world people are now starting to trust more and more to online reviews. People tend to research a product or a service on online review sites, forums, blogs and etc. Studies also indicates how the % of trust matter in this reviews are growing. So it is important for your company to be on those sites and to have well build profiles which are maintained regularly. The first two places where you can start and list your business are Yelp and Google local places.

Listing your business in local directories and sub directories

Mentioning and registering your company on these so called local listing directories is a good way to establish more online presence for your business. Providing accurate information on those places about your business will generate more local search for your business since it will be shown on a lot of local networks when users search for a particular query. These yellow pages or white pages profiles for your company works pretty well for your business for the search engines they are practically the new phone books that were pretty famous during the 90's. The first thing you must do is to start a research, where your company appears and where you can add it as a business listing. Finding profiles will irrelevant or not full information will require contacting site owners to update that information for your business. When you find new places to list your business it is crucial to use the same information on all the places and to fill out the all of the information you can.

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