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Online Marketing Resolutions for 2014

Make new resolutions for your online marketing campaigns
Make new resolutions for your online marketing campaigns

The beginning of the year is a great time to reflect on your past and future marketing strategies. What was successful last year and what can I do differently this year? Don't get left behind using the same tactics as 2013. Making new resolutions this year will help grow your brand and expand your online following. Below are some useful online marketing resolutions to start using today:


More than ever, optimizing your content for mobile should be a high priority. By the year 2017, 87% of all connected devices will be smartphones and tablets. Your first task should be to use responsive web design to ensure your web pages are optimized to be viewed on each and every device. Next, create a streamline and simple user interface to encourage people to stay on your page. Because mobile users are always on the go, providing them with quick and easy answers is essential. Users will continue to come back to your site if you make mobile content a priority in your online marketing strategy.


Content marketing is here to stay. In fact, many marketing experts agree (29.2% of them) that content marketing will be the most significant trend of 2014. Producing content is essential to your marketing strategy. Small businesses have to have content that stands out in order to make their way into customers' news feeds. Large companies can steadily churn out content several times a day but this year, the trend this year will be quality not quantity. Even more important in 2014 will be publishing RELEVANT and ENGAGING content. This will ensure steady growth for your business.


The use of an image can convey a thousand words and is incredibly powerful in online marketing. Using images to drive home a point or explain something that can be told in words is extremely effective. The web is shifting its attention to a visual landscape and progressive marketers are using images as a way to get more likes, comments and shares. Google has even changed its search results to promote images above test-based results. 70% of B2B marketers and 73% of B2C marketers use videos as an alternative to writing content. Others use infographics (about 32% B2B and 51% B2C) in their blogs and marketing content.


The most commonly used online marketing strategy today is social media. 84% of B2C and 87% of B2B marketers use it, yet is not enough to just use Facebook, Twitter and LinkenIn anymore. Going forward, your online marketing strategy will need to include other social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and Tumblr. In 2014, the time for experimentations with social media is vital. Twitter and Facebook, the 2 social media giants, are now "pay to play". Unfortunately, those posts only stay on the news feeds for a couple minutes. The newer social media sites are growing fast and gaining followers at warp speed. Using these platforms, you can connect with followers using personal and creative campaigns. Another good social media platform to utilize is Google+, which is projected to rank very high this year among the different social arenas. The challenge with your online marketing campaign for Google+ will be to find your niche, but once found, your search engine results should improve drastically.


Today's consumer is bombarded with information and noise online. Marketing efforts should be simple and streamline. Try not to overcomplicate the content in your online marketing campaign. Choose your words carefully, as this is an effective way to hold people's attention. More and more, companies are simplifying the way they speak to the consumer. Businesses that took out their industry jargon and streamlined their content were 86% more likely to convert potential customers.

Using these methods above, you can create a successful online marketing campaign for 2014. Let's all have a great year!

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