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Online marketing – Its influence on the growth of business and what IKEA is all

The present society is highly influenced by online marketing strategies. The marketers are working on more profitable modes to form brand value and boost revenue. The Online Advertisement is anticipated to reach nearly $62 billion dollar by 2016. Recently, a report has been presented based on the evaluation of online marketing tactics that gives a clear idea of the market in this area.

Internet marketing has been growing continuously and it was in the year 2011 when the profit of online advertising exceeded television screen. This uptrend was there in the first half of 2013 with huge jump exceeding $20.1 billion. This was nearly18% more than the income in 2012 and this increase continues in 2014. As per the Media Intelligence Report (MIR) of Q2 that had been published by Neustar Inc. (NYSE: NSR) this year, on 26th August 2014, the media advertisement expenditure will notice its major growth in more than a decade. This inclination will increase opportunities of the endorsers so that they may reach out to their customers in a more effective manner.

Major inclination in Q2 2014

· Mobile phones and video are within the reach of the common buyers. So, they are no more limited to mobile and video networks.

· The buyers are using digital signal Processing or DSP on social media platform to contact people on these sites and exchanges messages amongst themselves. Due to this, the cost has lessened to use social media so that more number of people can use these sites.

· Huge number of users is now approving private browsing sessions and deleting cookies in Q2. As a result, the marketers need to provide personalized experience by means of personal messages.

The report emphasized on “clicks” influence at conversion rates and presumed a considerable distinction between record of viewer and clicker audience class. It has been found in health care industry study that the report is the ratio of 1:29 between viewers of ads and consumer sales conversion rate of clickers. Analyzing this difference of the consumer rates the marketers can utilize these stats for optimizing their business revenues.

The advertisers need to work continuously on inventive methods to use online advertisement in the most efficient way. This will enable them to reach to newer customers and lessen the expenses for advertisement thus, making a powerful environment for the potential customers. Thus, the report provides a clear picture to the marketers on optimizing their business viewpoint and with enormous growth in online marketing industry, the customers can imagine a better and personalized dialogue with the brands and their marketers.

Today’s world is greatly influenced with Internet marketing. Still, there exists hypnosis state in which people want to fall into willingly. One such incident has been described here. IKEA is not any ordinary daydream. It enables young couples, Adam and Sofi, to know about their future in a mesmerizing time travel experiment. The brand started a campaign from the Swedish agency called Forsman & Bodenfors. This campaign hypnotizes guests in one of the shops and then makes actors believe that they are in their future bathrooms and bedrooms with their own future family. Justin Tranz is a famous hypnotist by profession who puts a young couple in reverie before they may get exposed with probable incidents that may change their life completely. This young couple begins a journey where the different predictions of life are awaiting for them. This starts from celebrating their make-believe 6 year daughter’s birthday. After this, there is the episode of their daughter becoming a spoiled child by developing a disturbing romance with the yoga teacher during her teenage years. Finally, there happens to be a strange meeting with her daughter’s boyfriend in the bathroom after many years.

The main focus of this campaign is bathrooms and bedrooms for which IKEA is actually paying more attention. This supports the worldwide launch of IKEA catalog and the theme of the year is: "Where the everyday begins and ends." Thus, when it is about hypnosis, you either believe in it or you do not. However, when it is advertisement message, you possibly think that despite wherever you may be in life, you will always be able to live in a better way at IKEA.

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