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Online Marketing 101: How to get more clients through your website

Online Marketing
Online Marketing 101

This is an easy one. You have a kick a** website, a decent amount of traffic, but no one is buying anything, what could be wrong?

Want to know what the problem is? There is something missing from your website. Something that often overlooked, you need a sign up box.

A simple sign up box is all you need, that's right the easiest way to get more clients is to capture the name, capture the email and you have a potential new client. Have you ever heard that saying the money is in the list? Well it is.

 Ideas of what to offer a potential client in order for them to sign up:

Free report
Nothing too big, 5 pages double-spaced is good. Offer the client a little five page how to report. For instance if you have a painting website, you can type up a report that explains how to paint without making a mess, or if you own a beauty salon you can give away a free report that tells potential clients how to maintain healthy hair. If you provide them with something of value, on a subject of interest, they will trust your knowledge and want to buy from you because you've proven your expertise on the subject.

You can send out a monthly email or newsletter that lists your specials or discounts.

Hold a contest to give away a sample or a freebie of your product or service. Visitors have to sign up in order to be eligible to win. Make it clear that the winners will be notified by email, that way you know that you will get a valid email address.

Once you have captured the name and email you can keep them informed of any company news or anything that you feel may be of interest to them in the future such as discounts or specials

There are many great email-marketing providers; it depends on how many bells and whistles you need, here are my top five.

Constant Contact
Pricing starts at about $15 monthly. They do offer a 60 day trial, this is service offers a wide variety of templates as well as tracking information.

Pricing starts at $19 monthly. Very robust, offers templates, tracking, and tons of other features.

Email Aces
Pricing starts at 8.95 monthly. Offers templates, tracking, WYSIWYG editors, and more.

It is free for the first 500 subscribers. Offers templates, tracking, personalization, and tons of other features.

Get Response
Pricing starts at $18 monthly. Tons of templates, social media integration, video email marketing and more.

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