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Online jobs new age of careers

Internet has been a boon ever since it's inception. Job search, finding a house to rent, ordering food, apparels and a lot more what internet can do for us. Various organizations have eliminated the use of paper; just because all the communication internally and externally is facilitated by the internet. Internet not only serves as a tool to market, communicate or to get heard; it also serves as a medium to earn money by taking up an online job. These jobs popularly known as online jobs entail different functions and responsibilities; which are in accordance to the skill sets that you posses. However, these jobs can only be executed using a computer and an internet connection; that is what makes them known by the term online jobs.

Online jobs require you to work from your home or any other location that you want to; you may or may not be on-rolls your employer, might be paid on an hourly basis, daily or weekly depending up on the nature of work and discretion of your employer. However, working on a full-time basis is what is advised; as it will provide you with job security, a regular in-flow of monthly income and a stable career. Those who want to work on an hourly basis; should try to get a regular job first and then take up an online job to make some extra money whenever they have time which they can put to some productive use. And once they have established themselves in this domain, can quit their full-time job. Online jobs are the best option for those who find performing a similar task each day; mundane and boring. Online jobs have plethora of options for those who are ambitious and want an endless flow of income, which is only possible by undertaking several roles at the same time.

New Age Online Job Options
1. Virtual Assistant:
This is a new role which has evolved owing to the advent of internet. This profile is similar to that of an conventional private assistant whose job responsibility is to answer calls, maintain daily appointments, book-keeping, scheduling and lot more. Business owners have started hiring virtual assistants which take care of the tasks mentioned above. A great option for those who have an experience in similar role and can work for many clients at the same time, which will certainly boost monthly income.

2. BPO Executive: Earlier BPO executives had to commute daily to work and take calls. Nowadays, BPO companies have started hiring work from home executives who take calls sitting at the comfort of their home. This has helped employers to cut their operational costs and has opened a wide range of online job options for BPO executives. For this job role you will be paid a monthly salary and the cost of internet and computer will be borne by the employer.

Some Points that you need to keep in mind before you start with an online job
1. Distinguish between Legitimate and Scam Sites:
Whenever you look for online jobs, you will come across innumerable websites offering online jobs. These sites will ask you to become a member and then will provide you with work. Ever heard of an employer asking for money before they hire somebody? The answer is a simple No! The same way, genuine online jobs do not require any membership fees to be paid by you. So whenever searching for online jobs, never fall for such traps and pay them any membership fees as they are scams duping people of their hard-earned money.
2. Check the Feasibility: Before applying for an online job, calculate how much time you can invest in that particular job and the money you are being paid is worth the effort or not and will you be able to deliver what you have promised to your client. This is an important constraint for those who work full-time and want to increase their monthly income by taking up an online job. Also check with your client the minimum number of man hours that you need to put in every day.
3. Conduct searches on renowned Job networks: When looking for such jobs, conduct your search on known and credible job networks. As the listings here are generally paid for by the employers and are genuine. However, here too you will have to filter all those listings which you might appear to be a scam. Always do your ground work, by conducting searches about the employer and also consult other people who are pursuing an online job.
4. Clearly state your Terms & Conditions: Before you enter into a contract with a new client, be clear with your client about the terms & conditions that you work on and also get to know what the client wants from you. Keeping the commitment minimum is the key here for those who also work full-time, and deliver on time to build your trustworthiness as an online employee.
5. Mention the mode of payment: Clearly state the mode of payment that you prefer, share your bank account details, or paypal account. Communicate the day on which you would want the payment to be credited on your account every month and also take an upfront payment, which can be 10-20% of the total amount to get started with the project.
6. Trust your instincts: Do count on your instincts, if you find a website to be fishy and a scam. Do not apply for any jobs, irrespective of how lucrative and rewarding they are and even if somebody you know is working for that company. Do not fall for such traps as you might end up losing your money and the time that you may have invested completing that particular job.
7. Don't quit due to initial failures: Rome wasn't built in a day, similarly you cannot become Bill Gates overnight. Once you start with an online job, it will take sometime for you to establish yourself in this domain so that you build a chain of clients and payments. Do not give up, as soon as you start be committed and you shall meet your well deserved success in no time.

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