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Online Grocery Store ePantry Offers Sustainable Goods For Sale

Going green is what the online grocery store ePantry aims. The store believes that consumers must not compromise availing of fresh green products due to inconvenience. This is the reason why the store launched the site for an easy access of sustainable products. Buying green with convenience and dropping it right at your doorstep.

The store, ePantry, offers consumers sustainable household products of various brands like Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day, Green Forest, Method, Casabella, Preserve, Seventh Generation and many more. These will be shipped to your home on the day that you need it. With this solution, aside from easy shopping online and regular shipping, you will not be compromising buying from local stores because you are out of green stock.

You know what really matters in this scenario? It is actually the system of anticipation. You need to anticipate when you will be running out of green sustainable product stocks. Through this, you will not encounter any problems with such an issue. The online grocery store will help you out with the purchasing through their ordering system. Just anticipate when you will be pulling out that last stock out and order on the store ahead. Efficiently, that sustainable green product will be right at your doorstep the day that last stock has been pulled out.

Stuart Landesberg, co-founder of the store had broken the rumors around shopping “green” products online. The rumors spread sporadically that green products are more expensive online rather than buying them at a grocery store. Landesberg explained that the idea of it is actually not true. To be clear with regards to it, he said that ePantry’s prices are much lower compared to buying them in your designated grocery stores. Remember that sometimes, sustainable green products are not available to them. The online grocery store also offers their consumers discounts with their products, too.

ePantry’s list of companies is growing due to increasing demands. The store is now expanding its venture of exploring and selling personal care. Even though Amazon’s “Subscribe and Save” program is leading the market today, still this newly launched online store believes that there is still space for a small company like them. They are still hoping to catch up with today’s technology in online selling. They are now running their soft launch of the private beta for an easier access of their products ordered online and delivered as you anticipate it.

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