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Online Franchise outlined for 'MLB 14 The Show'

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Sony has released some details for its upcoming baseball game MLB 14 The Show. This information pertains to the new Online Franchise Mode in the game. Showing up late to the Online Franchise party, The Show looks to go deep in its first attempt at this new option of play. The Show has always made its Franchise Mode the center of attention. Now taking this mode online, San Diego Studio looks to bring the excellent team-building aspects of the past, which includes scouting and offseason contract negotiations, and pair them with the customizable schedules and divisional alignments of Online Leagues. Not to mention, San Diego Studio will further refine the game logic involving trades, lineups, player generation, and more.

Showcasing the features of Online Franchise.
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San Diego Studio has laid out some of the aspects of The Show's new Online Franchise Mode. The new mode will revolve around the Franchise Home screen. Anyone who creates an Online Franchise will automatically be deemed the league's Commissioner. The Comish can choose divisional alignment, schedule type, DH preference, and the choice of customer rosters. Once the league is setup, the Comish will need to invite players and determine what teams are controlled by the computer.

The idea is to create an ongoing and successful franchise in The Show. San Diego Studio emphasizes scouting players throughout the regular season for proper drafting in the Amateur Draft. The hope is to equip top-tier players for years to come. Live online drafts will be part of the Online Franchise Mode, as lacking in the proper tools will make things difficult on choosing a Hall of Famer, or a Busch-league dud. The Show will offer access to full minor league rosters, including Class-A ball clubs. Players can set training assignments, along with trades which includes the greatly improved trade logic.

Besides the draft, players will have a current roster to keep competitive. The offseason is divided into two parts. The first part will include handling renewable player contracts, arbitration cases, and draft pick signings. Contract logic has received an overhaul, as MLB service time was made more of a factor when determining player interest and ideal salary. In the past, young superstars could be signed to cheap, long-term contracts. This will no longer be the case. As the league changes in how contracts are structured, The Show will keep up. San Diego Studio feels that it was important to implement this new structure.

Part two of the offseason will feature free agent signings. This portion will be divided into an adjustable amount of rounds or advancement periods. This will make sure every team gets a chance to make its best offer. Available players will either sign with a team, or remain on the market until the Comish starts the next round. The idea of competing with human opponents to sign the best players looks to be a fantastic idea.

The Show will complete its offseason package with expanded record keeping. The game will now store draft classes, retired players, career stats, and awards on the Player Card. League Events and Notifications will keep players up to date on what is going on around the league. Lastly, retirement will be a part of the Online Franchise, as older players will have to make room for upcoming superstars. Of course, this feature will be included on the PS4 version. Check out the in-game screenshots of some of the menus on our page.

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