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Online Dating Rituals of the American Male looks at how men date

Online Dating Rituals of the American Male
Online Dating Rituals of the American Male

Ladies, have you ever wanted to know what your online dates are really looking for - and if their dating profiles actually reflect it?

If so, you might want to check out Bravo's new series: Online Dating Rituals of the American Male, the network's answer to The Bachelor. Instead of putting a bunch of women in a house together to compete and win the affection of the same man, Bravo aims to show the diversity of what men actually want. The idea isn't for a couple to get engaged by the end of the series - it's to give us viewers a peek into what guys are really thinking when they date.

Of course, they show the extremes: there's Alex, who makes no apologies for the fact that he's only interested in hooking up. The best part? He tells us where he likes to find his women (Tinder and OkCupid), and how easy it is for him to get what he wants. “Some of these survey questions are like, ‘Would you be willing to have sex on the first date? And so you can tell from my answer that yes, I’m willing to have sex on the first date, and so I’ll be matched with girls looking for the same thing,” he tells the New York Post.

Marcus is the opposite - he's looking for a long-term relationship. He claims the dating site is less important than what a woman puts in her profile. For example, did she post a bunch of selfies, or are there pictures and descriptions of what she loves to do and what makes her happy? “I want to see something where they’ve written about their family, about love, about things that I know are important to me,” he tells the Post.

Regardless of how the series goes, the outcomes aren't forced. Are there happy endings for any of the guys? Maybe, but that's not the point. While they would like to be successful in their searches, it's more about the process, what they're thinking, and how they interact with women (which also gives us a little insight into women's bad dating behavior). In one episode, online dater Travis is on a date and gets into a discussion about gay marriage, and it doesn't go well for him.

I think this show offers something we could all learn from.