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Online Dating Dilemma: Is Our Soulmate Floating around the Internet?

Love is in the "Air"
Love is in the "Air"
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Have you ever talked to someone online before? Of course, we all have. Whether it's been on Match, eHarmony, Christian Mingles, Grindr or even Facebook, at some point we've managed to communicate via the Internet with a complete stranger. Have you ever communicated with someone on cyberspace who told you that you were long term material and that he wanted to seriously consider monogamy? It's become very popular in our culture to weed out people we don't see ourselves dating by scrolling through glamorized pictures and stats splattered onto our computer and cellular phone screens. Almost all forms of classic dating rituals have been destroyed by our fascination of social media. It's scary to think what conversations will look like in ten years.

It's 6 pm and the extremely attractive guy shows up at your door with a bottle of wine. Music is playing in the background and the conversation seems to flow. After a couple glasses of Cabernet, you're jamming to a mellow playlist of songs and discussing past experiences and future plans. Well, he is doing most of the talking, but you mistake that for nervousness, not arrogance or hidden agendas. Before the date actually occurs, you're lip-locked with your beau and agree on a little cute restaurant down the road.

You've finally arrived and are immediately approached like you're freaking Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. All eyes are on you and you feel great. The entire evening has felt like something out of a romantic comedy. OK, that's a little exaggerated, but you catch my drift. You want your interest to take charge and order appetizers, so he does. Meanwhile, its quite clear that you will be going home with this individual as the majority of the conversation lingers around the fact that there is a new movie out on Netflix and that cuddling will occur. Unfortunately, the food and service sucks, but you as the amazingly genuine person in the negative circumstance always does, decides to make light of the situation and strike up multiple conversations with the ditzy waitress. This should obviously demonstrate that you're an easy going human being and can make a horrible experience all about the connection you feel like you're having with someone who just kissed you.

It's time to leave and you're dropped off with no explanation. The entire night was exchanged with numerous flirtations and innuendos. You automatically assumed that this person would be accompanying you and your Netflix for the night. Since no goodbye kisses were exchanged and no hand holding occurred like it did on the way to the 'date,' you're extremely confused, but know it's more mature to just let it be what it is and not initiate a confrontation.

Point being, don't think just because you have this amazing two hour conversation on the phone and a great coffee meeting before the big date, that you're sitting with your soulmate. We should all probably refrain from texting before meeting in person to avoid any confusion and any false promises. It's very hard to meet people these days, especially to date and to actually meet refreshing people is like fantasizing for a Monday morning at work to arrive. If you don't necessarily enjoy the bar scene and are skeptical of friends setting you up, it's only natural to turn to the online dating phenomenon/OMG I can't believe you're resorting to that means of meeting people. It's been effective as I have witnessed numerous success stories of relationships blossoming from an online date. Since we didn't marry our high school sweetheart or score the Irish luck of meeting our eternal in our mid twenties, beware, most of the people on social media sites for 'soulmates' are only looking to fulfill their ego and toss you out like yesterdays garbage.