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Online courses fill valuable need for workers' continuing education

Online learning is a viable option for employee training
Online learning is a viable option for employee training
Wikimedia Commons User Nicke L

One way that employers can ensure that they have a productive workforce is through training. Aside from the initial orientation that an employee receives upon hire, continuing education is essential. Some fields require continuing education on a regular basis, sometimes annually. Such fields include social services, health care and education.

Aside from various seminars that are held throughout the year, employees can turn to more modern technology to attain the continuing education credits required for their field. Several online educators offer courses that may be useful in fulfilling these requirements. These sites include:

Coursera: This site offers courses on a sign-up basis. The courses are available by registering employees ahead of time. Many courses are developed by instructors at top universities. Courses run for as little as a few weeks to a couple of months. Registration is free.

Udemy: This site offers courses in a wide range of subjects. The content is user-generated. Employers have the option of developing their own courses and are able to make their courses available to the public. Many courses are free, but some are only available for a fee. Courses are available to employees at any time that is convenient.

Virtual Education Software, Inc.: This site is dedicated to providing continuing education to educators. VESi works with about 80 colleges and universities in 37 states to provide courses to educators. VESi recommends that educators check with their state governing body to make sure the courses offered on the website are acceptable for continuing education in that state.

These are just a few resources that are available to employers. Companies are encouraged to explore the many options that are available. If none of the available online educators is a good fit, employers may pursue the possibility of creating their own continuing education program.

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