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Online coupons and freebies: the latest craze

Applejuice purchased at Kroger with a coupon.
Applejuice purchased at Kroger with a coupon.
Marilyn Knollman

Unless you're made of money, you will probably use coupons at some point. One of the latest, and most convenient, ways to use coupons is online. A popular and local coupon website is CincySavers. This website allows you to buy gift certificates for local merchants at half-price; get online coupons for local merchants; and print coupons for local grocery stores. You can also look at the weekly circular for many local grocery stores, department & clothing stores, and  many others. In addition to these services, you can see the cheapest local gas prices (courtesy of GasBuddy), as well as be able to comparison shop at one of many online companies.

What you may not know is that the Kroger website allows you to add online coupons to your Kroger grocery card, as well as be able to print coupons if you don't have one. In addition to that, there are links to other coupon saving sites (Shortcuts and Cellfire).

If you're feeling adventurous, you can explore other coupon saving sites such as Coupons, SmartSource, ValPak, and RedPlum. If it's freebies you're looking for, then feel free to visit Freebies4Mom or SeriouslyFreeStuff. As always, users beware. You may be asked to sign up for a newsletter, or enter your email address and phone number. If you don't mind receiving a few extra newsletters in your inbox, then have at it. A well-known favorite from the Freebies4Mom site is the RedBox free movie rental code. The codes can usually be used at the physical terminals outside of such establishments as Walgreens and Kroger.

Happy savings!


  • Mary Lynn 5 years ago

    Great informative article Sandy! I'm going to give a copy to my husband, who is actually the main grocery shopper in my family!

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