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Online Christian resources: Tangle

Watch Christian videos at Tangle
Watch Christian videos at Tangle

Finding a better website to waste more time than YouTube is hard to come by.  The only flaw is browsing through all the videos of piano playing cats and beat boxing babies will occasionally bring up a video that is a little less than family safe or edifying.  The Christian alternative to YouTube is Tangle

Tangle, which once upon a time went by the name GodTube, can basically be called the Christian version of YouTube.  While it's variety and quantity of video content can't really compare to that of the streaming video behemoth, Tangle is still a great website to visit to satisfy your need for music videos, random hillarity, and inspirational content.

Just like YouTube, visitors are encouraged to sign up for their own Tangle account where they can upload their own videos and comment on others.  Because it is a Christian website, there are also places on the site where one can look up Bible passages  and request prayer.

Take a moment to view the video below so you can catch a glimpse of what they typical content of the website is, then head on over and sign up for your own account.  Happy viewing!