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Online Caregiver Training for Professional Senior Caregivers

Senior caregivers seeking professional employment must demonstrate competency as a caregiver. Dependability, compassion and an understanding of elder care issues are all vital elements for a caregiver to possess. In addition, showing competency in senior caregiving skills are also required now by many professional senior care companies.

While most companies will provide an initial orientation training for new caregivers, some licensed senior care companies now also require caregivers to pass a caregiving competency exam. Senior care requires knowledge of both emotional care and physical care along with being aware of potential elder abuse. By learning the basic caregiving skills, a senior caregiver will be able to both deliver higher quality care and enjoy a safe environment.

Online caregiver training courses now enable anyone to easily learn the basic caregiver skills. The Caregiver Training University basic caregiver training course provides an overview of the 12 skills defined by the senior home care industry. Many states, such as Illinois, have mandated this course to be the beginner caregiver's training. Anyone considering becoming a senior caregiver can take the course at their own pace to understand the best approach to taking care of a senior while also complying to health, safety and legal issues.

Basic Caregiver Training includes:

Section 1. Caregiver Job Responsibilities and Protocol

Section 2. Senior Caregiver Job Description

Section 3. Communication Skills

Section 4. Care Plan and Care Plan Notes

Section 5: Personal Care and Toileting

Section 6: Adaptive Equipment for Transfers

Section 7: Basic Hygiene and Basic Infection Control

Section 8: Maintaining Clean and Safe Environments

Section 9: Basic Personal and Environmental Safety Precautions

Section 10: Basic First Aid and Emergency Procedures

Section 11: Confidentiality of Client Personal, Financial and Health Information

Section 12: Understanding Abuse and Neglect

Learn more and take the online caregiver training course in a digital format that allows for both audio and visual learning. Once a caregiver has passed the course at 75% or higher, a competency certification is granted. Caregivers may review a tip sheet for each section and take a practice quiz before taking the online caregiver training exam. Senior caregivers may want to begin part-time or full-time work as a companion caregiver working for a professional senior care company to explore career opportunities in this growing industry. Family members caring for senior relatives may also find obtaining basic caregiver certification will assure all of their relatives the senior will be able to enjoy a professional level of care.

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