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Onions: the health booster

The onion: the health booster
The onion: the health booster

The onion. It’s the creator of tears and bad breath. But, while the onion may not be the friendliest vegetable, it is loaded with several health-boosting elements.

Blood sugar regulator: Onions are very rich in chromium. This mineral is responsible for the body’s response to insulin. Researchers are now saying that onion extract may help type 2 diabetics manage their blood sugar.

Heart Booster: Onions are a member of the allium family, which contains high quantities of flavonoids and antioxidants. Onions have a high level of flavonoid quercetin, which has been shown to help prevent blood clots. Individuals who eat a diet high in quercetin-rich foods are said to have a reduced risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Quercetin can also help lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood.

Infection Protection: Raw onions may keep others away from you, but their effects will draw them back in by helping to keep your teeth and gums clean. The anti-microbial properties found in onions have been shown to fight against porphyromonas gingivalis and prevotella intermedia, two bacteria responsible for tooth decay and periodontal disease. Now there's a reason to smile.

Immunity Help: Onions are a great source of the mineral selenium. Selenium plays an important role in both the initiation and regulation of immune response to infection. When immune cells lack an adequate selenium supply, a weakened immune system results. So eat up for better immunity.

Cancer Eliminator: Thanks to the high concentration of quercetin found in onions, consuming them one to two times a week can reduce the risk of developing certain cancers, such as colorectal, laryngeal, and ovarian cancers. Low doses of quercetin have been shown to eliminate free radicals responsible for tumor formation, while high doses of quercetin have been linked to the prevention of stomach cancer.

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