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Onion, the Mastiff Rhodesian Ridgeback released and relocated to rescue

Onion languished in a shelter cage for 20 months while litigation continued between the city and The Lexus Project attorneys whether to euthanize Onion.
Onion languished in a shelter cage for 20 months while litigation continued between the city and The Lexus Project attorneys whether to euthanize Onion.
Henderson Animal Care and Control

In what may have seemed an endless battle between the city of Henderson and The Lexus Project, a legal defense group for dogs that are unjustly accused of being vicious or dangerous, Onion's life will be spared reported Thursday night's Nevada's Las Vegas Sun. Two years ago, Onion tragically killed a one-year-old child when the baby accidentally tripped over the sleeping dog.

"Litigation for Onion has been dismissed, and he has been relocated permanently to a rescue,” said Robin Mittasch, president and co-founder of The Lexus Project.

According to Henderson's spokesperson, Bud Cranor, the decision was made to release Onion to The Lexus Project with the stipulations that the city be released from any further or potential liability with regard to Onion's future actions, that Onion be placed in a licensed facility out of the State of Nevada, and that the dog never be adopted to a family with children or in an area near children.

The case attracted national attention when one-year-old Jeremiah Eskew-Shahan crawled toward the sleeping dog and used the dog's body to attempt to stand up. The dog was startled by the child, and grabbed the child by his head and shook. A command was given to the dog to stop in less than a minute, but the baby suffered cerebral trauma and died. Animal Control demanded Keller sign over the dog to the city. The city planned to euthanize Onion.

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The toddler, Jeremiah Eskew-Shaban, was the grandson of Elizabeth Keller, Onion's owner. Keller had owned the dog since Onion was only four-weeks-old, and the dog had been Keller's constant companion and therapy dog as Keller fought lung cancer.

When the tragedy first occurred, Onion was slated to be euthanized after the ten-day isolation period. Keller later reconsidered, stating her dog had never been vicious, and an almost two year legal battle continued while Onion was ordered to stay confined to a lonely shelter with little human contact.

With great respect to the family of Jeremiah Eskew-Sheban, the case for Onion was finally agreed upon and settled, and the dog was freed to The Lexus Project.

A memorial to Jeremiah Eskew-Shaban will be placed in a Henderson park and paid for by The Lexus Project.

"The litigation has been dismissed, and Onion has been relocated permanently to an animal RESCUE. Out of respect for the family of Jeremiah Eskew-Shahan we will make no further comments on this case."

Rest in peace young Jeremiah Eskew-Shahan.

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