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Ongoing Restoration amidst Sandy’s Aftermath

Restoring a local home in Staten Island, NY
Restoring a local home in Staten Island, NY
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We were among the lucky few unaffected by Sandy. Many others weren't so fortunate. So do we sit back and smile about our situation? Or, should we get up and volunteer in relieving our less fortunate fellow compatriots? My Ahmadi Muslim brothers had the best response expressing their prompt condolences through humble but loud actions.

“We joined Humanity First and Red Cross in diving right into aiding several families in Staten Island, New York.” says Mubasil Chaudhry, a leading youth from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of CT. As they removed rubble they also restored broken hearts and destroyed homes. “An overpowering sense of loving mercy touched and melted us.” Mubasil adds. This eye opening experience shared sentiments of pain and consolation between brothers and sisters of various backgrounds under God. In retrospect, Mubasil and his team seek to improve their diligence bravely declaring “We wished we could have served better.” And so they will do more this weekend!

Thoughtfully, Mubasil realizes “Only after becoming involved did we fully fathom the lasting catastrophe left behind by Sandy's swift visit.” Instead of conveniently ignoring the crushing sadness, let's renovate it into strengthening togetherness by devoting our time and energy.

We gladly belong to the oldest Islamic organization in the US; the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. We are Muslims who believe in both Messiahs; Jesus and Ahmad (p.b.u.t.) who always encouraged others to think beyond themselves, care for others, and sacrifice for the good of the needy. I invite, nay, implore you to join the lofty ranks of noble volunteers, if not for God's sake, do it for the helpless victims. After all, we're only asked to invest a few measly hours, while they’re forced to struggle for the rest of their lives!

It could have been us in that disastrous disarray. Wouldn't we want help if we were suffering? Donations go a long way in answering their cry, and never forget the power of prayer! So let’s emulate the wise and “do unto others…” Instead of shopping wantonly for ourselves this Black Friday, why don’t we consider the ones that lost everything?

The Holy Quran rightly admonishes "Never shall you attain any degree of righteousness until and unless you devote out of that which you love (time, money, family, etc.); but whetever you do willingly spend, surely Allah knows it well and also appreciates" (3:93).

We’ve already served twice and will be going again this weekend to do as much as we can. I dare you to do the same!


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