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oneSafe, a security application for protecting passwords

What prices are willing to pay for security? How does $5.99 sound to protect your smartphone, tablet, mac or PC?

Are password management apps safe?
Lunabee Pte Ltd

Did you know? The application ‘oneSafe’ lets you secure passwords and other personal information like banking information, PINs and password details on your mobile or desktop. Check out three cool features that make ‘oneSafe’ worth exploring:

  1. The software developers claim ‘oneSafe’ easily stores and manages passwords as well confidential information with watertight security.
  2. The software developers claim ‘oneSafe’ will sync your data between all your devices so you’ve got it easily accessible anywhere, anytime!
  3. The software developers claim ‘oneSafe’ is designed with AES-256 encryption which is a password generator with double protection using Dropbox, iCloud and hundreds more features

Also be sure to check a demo video of the application 'oneSafe' attached above. Upon first experience would I personally use ‘oneSafe,” the answer is no but, somebody with a weak memory might. As a Master Trainer in Information Assurance, I would totally suggest looking into what this innovative application has to offer.

Nevertheless, I know like most Security Specialist that applications do not eliminate all risk and vulnerability threats especially from thieves with desire and innovative skill-set.

As the old saying goes "locks keep honest people honest as well as protect its users from the 98% of mostly honest people who might be tempted to view your personal data if it had no lock."

You should know oneSafe suite of password management apps was developed by Lunabee Pte Ltd. Whereas, half the Lunabee team is based in France, the other half in Singapore. If interested in viewing the different kind of applications Lunabee Pte Ltd. provide click here. They seem to cater to all types of users including Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone and iPad.

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