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OneRepublic Make All The Right Moves at Lakewood in Atlanta

OneRepublic in Concert at Lakewood Amphitheatre in Atlanta, Georgia, August 18, 2014
OneRepublic in Concert at Lakewood Amphitheatre in Atlanta, Georgia, August 18, 2014
Photography by Andrew Snook

OneRepublic played in front of almost 9,000 fans at Lakewood Amphitheatre in Atlanta on Tuesday night, a crowd that was, by OneRepublic’s own admission easily the largest they’d played to in the city. Those fans who braved an early evening downpour were not to be disappointed as the band played a good mix of their well-known hits and some of their more recent material.

OneRepublic have been around since 2002 although they’ve been headlining concerts for a much shorter period of time. Their rise to prominence started in 2007 with “Apologize” and has continued since. Given the fact that they have been around for awhile and only started headlining recently they seem to have remained quite unassuming and very sincere in their appreciation of their fans.

That perspective came through time and again as frontman Ryan Tedder interacted with the crowd with anecdotes and personal stories.

The set began with the band silhouetted behind a large translucent curtain covering the front of the stage and
playing “Don’t Look Down.” When the curtain was removed at the start of “Light It Up”, a basic set was revealed although the backdrop consisted of diamond shaped video screens.

By the time the band started “Secrets” there were very few people left sitting down as Tedder was urging people to sing-along and dance. And that was the way it was for the pretty much the rest of the evening with the crowd and Tedder taking a brief break during the band’s acoustic set.

Highlights of the show included “Counting Stars” of course and “Apologize” which transitioned into “Stay With Me” a cover of the current Sam Smith hit. As is often the case bands will endeavor to identify with the home crowd and OneRepublic were no different; during Come Home the video screens provided lots of images of Atlanta much to the delight of the crowd.

It is unusual for a rock band to play a set that features a cellist but Brent Kutzle, who also played bass, provided a different sound that worked well. It is also unusual for a rock band to feature a Spanish guitar medley as part of the set but Zach Filkins provided the band a brief break while displaying his guitar capabilities to great effect despite the fact that something broke halfway through.

Saving the best for last the encore included “Love Runs Out” and a good cover of “What a Wonderful World” originally by Louis Armstrong, OneRepublic finished strong and ensured that no-one left disappointed.

The evening started with a short set from Jamie Scott, a solo guitarist who enjoyed the fact that a large number of people had turned up early enough to catch his set. Then Christina Perri played for almost an hour. Her style, stage presence and talent was evident right from the outset and her set was equally as entertaining as the headlining OneRepublic

Set List

Don't Look Down (Instrumental) 

Light It Up 


All the Right Moves 

What You Wanted 

Stop and Stare 

Something I Need 

Apologize/Stay With Me 


Come Home 

Spanish Guitar Medley 

Counting Stars 

Can't Stop 

Au Revoir 

Feel Again 

Good Life 

I Lived


Love Runs Out 

What a Wonderful World 
(Louis Armstrong cover)
If I Lose Myself

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