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OneRepublic and The Script feel the love from sold out crowd in Everett

OneRepublic at Comcast Arena
OneRepublic at Comcast Arena
Michelle Ellen

The city of Everett stood in for the much more famous city of Seattle once again as the Comcast Arena played host to OneRepublic and The Script.

A total of three bands played for a sold out crowd on Thursday night. The first was opening band American Authors, an up-and-coming pop rock band out of Brooklyn, N.Y. Most of the audience was familiar with them, although they didn’t seem to know it until the band played their radio single “Best Day of My Life.” The band members seemed grateful for the recognition as they claimed Comcast was the biggest venue they had played thus far.

Though they had a bit of a shaky start, Dublin-based The Script really hit their stride on their third song, the popular “Breakeven.” The response during this song was so resoundingly positive that it caused lead singer Danny O’Donoghue to stare in wonder at the crowd and take it all in. He was visibly overwhelmed by the love from the fans and this seemed to invigorate the band for the rest of the set. He made sure to note at one point that even though they were 5,000 miles from home, this city made him feel at home, for which he was grateful. Not sure whether he meant Everett or Seattle, but to non-local performers it may admittedly seem one and the same.

The highlight of the set may have been the highlight of the whole show: guitarist Mark Sheehan asked fans to call an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend and give the phone to lead singer O’Donoghue. Danny proceeded to borrow the phone of a girl in the front row and sing the song “Nothing” in its entirety into the phone. The song, for those unfamiliar with it, is about a guy who tries to get his girlfriend back with no response from the girl. Thanks to the AV magicians at Comcast, the audience could see on the big screens that the poor ex was on the line through the whole performance.

Finally, the Grammy-nominated OneRepublic, fronted by multi-hyphenate Ryan Tedder, hit the stage with their usual fanfare of pulsating lights and fake fog. The minor theatrics suit them however; Tedder, a much sought after writer and producer for artists such as Kelly Clarkson, Leona Lewis, Beyonce, and Maroon 5, bounced around the stage, showing off his piano skills and three-octave vocal range whenever he could.

Although it is annoyingly obvious that he knows just how talented he is, the other members of OneRepublic should not be forgotten. Lead guitarist Zach Filkins was showcased doing an incredibly impressive guitar solo. He incorporated beats that he created and repeated with the use of a loop pedal (à la Ed Sheeran style), essentially creating a one-man band. Also highlighted was bass guitarist Brent Kutzle, who switched to playing the cello for the sweeping string lines on tracks like “Secrets.”

Tedder noted a few times throughout the set how much the band always enjoyed being in Seattle. A montage was even displayed during one of the songs showing the usual tourist images that get the crowd cheering: the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, etc. It makes one wonder: have these people been told they are not actually in Seattle? Apparently, yes they have. During “Good Life,” Ryan smoothly changed the lyrics in the chorus to “London to Everett to Colorado.” And, as they say, the crowd went wild.

This tour (or perhaps just this stop) did not include as many surprises as past tours have, although there was the sweet cover of “What a Wonderful World” and a brief inclusion of Sam Smith’s new single “Stay With Me.” The flow of the set also seemed a bit rushed, but nobody seemed to mind. With promises to return with new music, laced with the wish that they could stay and play the Pacific NW for a month straight, OneRepublic ended the night strong with their recent hit “Love Runs Out.”

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