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Oneness: There is nothing that is apart from Self

There is only We.
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Acceptance of Reality brings about the natural dissolution of personal likes and dislikes.

In acceptance, Mind is freed in presence.

We are not immune to or separate from any reality that exists in this world.

As an example, let's reflect on the beloved soul that we knew as Mother Teresa.

Mother Teresa was not more or less likely to get flipped off when Jumbled Joe was having a bad day than any of us are. Did she attract this into her reality? Was she a closet “flipper offer” and we just didn't know about it?

Mother Teresa simply WAS. There was nothing that she saw as apart from her. This is true no matter what she appeared to “choose” in any given moment, for the truth was in the motivating force that was behind her actions. To her, Jumbled Joe was the same as Frank The Floozy. There was no differentiation. Does this mean that Mother was going to chill with Frank all day, when Amy The Aristocrat was the God ordained presence of the moment? It is not all so linear and logical. There is, however, a Divine Order, and this can appear to defy all logic.

Experience is neutral. Mind is colorless.

We have all that we could ever possibly need in this very moment, and infinitely so. This is true no matter what we are walking through right now. Meditate upon this truth.

Nothing is apart from Self.

There is not a thing in creation that exists as apart from us. Not a thing. We can learn to walk into and out of any reality, while remaining in the one Reality. You can attune to any vibration of thought that you wish to.

Know and go with the flow that is ThySelf. You are a unique expression of Divinity in form.

It does not matter what you choose. What matters is the animating force that is behind such movement.

These “ideas” of good or bad, better or worse, and right or wrong, are precisely what allow one's mind to continue abiding in such a state of separation consciousness. We are all Windows of the Divine in form. This is the same idea that is held by minds that view shadow as something that is negative in nature. This is simply not the case.

You can choose to be a mere point on the horizon or you can be the horizon, (feel it), opening to All That Is.

When mind is freed to rest in the One Mind, it’s not all about you or me.

In one vibration of experiencing, not everything will be reflective of you in a given moment. Know Thyself. In another vibration of experiencing, everything reflects Self. You is temporal, Self is infinite. Each one of us moves into and out of many vibrations of experiencing in a days time. Where do you wish to focus your attention? What is the motivating force that is behind your actions?

Practice: Spend less time thinking of yourself.

Flow in acceptance with what IS, (i.e., not from the vantage of "me," or your current reality, but in terms of All That Is), and learn to move in ways that go far beyond the little point that is "you." We can create “reality,” or we can open to the greater Reality. One is temporal in nature, the other is infinite. We are creation in motion. It is all about focal point. Each perspective along the way holds truth.

Follow Your Bliss.

The same energies that are utilized in war can be used in healing. You do not need to “fight” against that which is perceived as an “other” reality, simply learn to accept yours more deeply. Note: “Spend less time thinking of yourself,” does not mean to hail in some good ol’ self-depracation or to ignore yourself, but rather speaks of learning to move in the ways that are "we," oriented.

We Are One.

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