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Boston Strong: One year after the Boston Marathon bombings

The one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombings passed on Tuesday and it is certainly a day that Americans will never forget. Many remembered the victims of the vicious terrorist attack by doing what they love, running the Boston Marathon. On Tuesday CBS Boston reported on the tributes that mark this first anniversary of the tragedy.

The city of Boston is still healing from the events that took place just one year ago. Like many other terrorist attack sites, those who were present will forever be changed. Those who weren't, still won't forget. The American public can expect to remember the events that shook America out of it's comfort zone as we remember Pearl Harbor and the World Trade Centers each year without fail.

Everyone has a different way to remember and pay tribute. Some chose to re-run the race that could have ended their life one year ago. Others chose to honor the memory with a moment of silence. There were public speakers on hand and special services for those who were injured and killed. Many of the Boston Marathon stories and the way residents of the beloved city have chosen to cope are cathartic.

Family members of the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing were invited to a special private service to pay tribute to those they lost. In a city with a deep Irish history, they grieved and remembered over the sound of bagpipes and a prayer. They set down wreaths at the blast sites to commemorate those who were lost and those who were injured. Often we forget that not only did loved ones die, others were so severely injured that life will never be the same.

The residents of Boston have a motto, "Boston Strong." That they are as they try to understand why their city and why their celebration. In the end they are winners though, because they refuse to let terrorists stop the one of the biggest traditions in the city.

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