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One World, One Game, One Goal

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So was your day on hold yesterday as you prepared to watch THE game between Germany and Argentina?

You were not alone. Estimates range from 400 million to a billion people were watching.

32 nations made it to the FIFA World Cup Finals; there were a handful of legitimate contenders for the championship and two of them faced off in the final.

It was a great game. Drama, near misses and finally a goal in the 2nd half of overtime - and it was a beauty - to avoid the dreaded penalty kicks (PK's).

Done, we all go home and wait for the next one in four years?

Not quite.

FIFA is estimated that it will generate $4.5 billion in revenue from broadcasters, sponsors, hospitality and licensing deals

FIFA will distribute over $400 million to the 32 national federations taking part in the tournament

FIFA has set aside $70 million to distribute at a rate of $2,800 per player per day that each was on World Cup duty. The money is shared between each player's current club and any other he played for in the two previous years during qualification matches.

Ticket sales will stay in Brazil but so what from FIFA’s perspective.
FIFA revenue, 3 Billion+, comes from television rights ($1.7 billion) and corporate promotional rights ($1.35 billion).

What does FIFA do will all this money? Well we can tell you that it does not go to the referees as the average referee will be paid $35,000 – $40,000 for their work at the World Cup.

Some refs who have the most experience and do the higher priority matches may earn $50,000 depending on their seniority.
So where does the rest of the money go?

To help develop the game around the world with other FIFA events, like the Female U-20 that will be occurring in Canada next month. This event may turn a small profit, but it further enhances the FIFA brand for its big show.

The next FIFA World Cup will be in Russia, it should be even bigger and more profitable as it will be more time zone friendly for the growing Asian market.

How competitive was this World Cup, well all the games were decided by one goal – except for Brazil’s last two games , which Brazilian fans will tell you were played without their star, Neymar Jr.

One goal was the difference between Germany capturing their 4th World Cup title or Argentina capturing their 3rd.

One goal and a world apart.

One goal and the glory or the pain.

One goal that makes us all think, “what if…..”

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