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One woman gets upset about Juan Pablo’s kissing fest on ‘The Bachelor’

One lady is labeled a 'ticking time bomb' by some of the other 'bachelorettes' after watching Juan Pablo kiss numerous women on the next episode of 'The Bachelor.'
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

The women play a healthy game of soccer as they try to win Juan Pablo Galavis’ heart, and one of the ladies gets upset about multiple kisses on the next episode of ABC’s “The Bachelor,” airing on Jan. 20, 2014.

According to WetPaint, the show promo indicates Juan Pablo makes out with a ton of girls, which rubs one “bachelorette” the wrong way.

The upset lady, Clare, is apparently labeled a “ticking time bomb” by a few of the other women who witness how she reacts to Juan Pablo’s kissing ventures.

The episode is described by TV Guide with, “Ten of the remaining 15 women go on a group soccer outing with Juan Pablo… Several individual dates are featured, including one involving a tricked-out jeep and another featuring a tandem bungee jump in Pasadena, Cal…”

Juan Pablo came under fire just days ago after a Jan. 17 interview with TV Page revealed he had stated he does not believe a gay version of “The Bachelor” would be a “good example for kids…” He added that gays are “more pervert in a sense.”

He took to Facebook on Saturday and apologized profusely for his statements, noting he did not mean to use the word “pervert” when describing gay individuals and that English is his second language, saying, “I use the wrong words to express myself.”

Juan Pablo also wrote that he meant gay people are more affectionate and he has “nothing but respect for Gay people and their families.”

ABC and the producers of “The Bachelor” also released a statement after Juan Pablo’s interview surfaced, calling his statements about gays “…careless, thoughtless and insensitive,” according to

“The Bachelor” airs Monday night at 8/7c on ABC.

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