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One weekend and 68 dogs have a new home!

The Anti-Cruelty Society, in Chicago, lovingly referred to as TACS, had an AMAZING adoption event this past weekend. It took place on Friday, August 22nd and went on through Saturday, August 23rd.

View various dogs that were at TACS to be adopted this weekend.
The Anti-Cruelty Society through Flickr

During this two-day event called the Empty the Shelter campaign, TACS found 143 animals their new forever homes! This included 68 dogs and 75 cats – in just two days time! Imagine what could happen if everyone shopped at shelters and rescues for a new furry best friend.

TACS hosted this same type of an event last year but was only able to place 34 animals; 19 dogs and 15 cats. This shows that this year is special for many reasons – perhaps the big one being that TACS has been competing in the ASPCA Rachael Ray $100K Challenge this summer.

In just six short days on Sunday, August 31st, the Challenge will draw to a close. TACS goal during the challenge was to place 2100 or more animals into their forever homes. Thanks to the success of this past weekend, they are 143 animals closer to their goal, but are still a ways from achieving it.

There are many more dogs (and cats for that matter) that are awaiting a loving, forever home! If you adopt, The Society would be closer to their goal and to winning the $100K Challenge. If they won, their goal was to update the kennels in their dog adoption room, a place where potential adopters can go and watch them play and interact with the various canines at the shelter.

The Anti-Cruelty Society has been around for over 100 years. They began their services by helping horses in the City of Chicago and have since moved on to domestic breeds of animals. The dogs rescued by TACS are ever so lucky to have been so as they have state-of-the-art facilities which to help these animals from.

Right now TACS is in 4th place in the ASPCA Rachael Ray $100K Challenge. They have a great opportunity to win $25K which would go a long way to help them achieve their goal, but they have to reach the number three position in order to do so! The rescued animals currently residing at The Society would truly benefit from this type of winnings.

Please help by voting for The Anti-Cruelty Society by logging onto Remember, there are only six days left, so logon soon! Thanks for helping the 143 cats and dogs of TACS find love and a forever home this weekend!

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