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One view on e-cigarette safety


E-cigarettes have appeared on the market and are promoted as a safe or safer alternative to tobacco cigarettes. They are a relatively new product compared to traditional cigarettes for smokers, but not a lot of time has passed since their introduction. Because of this, limited research results have become available to judge their overall safety as a tobacco alternative or cigarette smokers.

While never smoking is the best way to avoid tobacco use, and the detrimental effects of smoking are well known (cancer, emphysema, soaring medical costs, etc.) e-cigarette producers are aggressively promoting their products. At the same time, the FDA is scrambling to propose regulations that include banning sales to minors and requiring manufacturers to register all of their products and ingredients with the FDA.

“I like these proposals; the public needs clarity on smoking alternatives because we have 42.1 million adult tobacco smokers [CDC, 2012] who may be able to benefit from them,” says Anthony Sarvucci, CEO of American Heritage International, (, a company that develops e-cigarettes expressly for adult tobacco smokers who want to quit but have not succeeded.

“The bottom line is that we know how terrible traditional cigarettes are for people, but there has been a vacuum of information about e-cigs, which leads to a great deal of misinformation, some fear-mongering, and even simply making stuff up.”

Sarvucci gives these reasons why e-cigarettes are a positive alternative to traditional cigarettes:

• Traditional cigarettes contain poisons and chemicals that can kill humans these include acetone (nail polish remover), acetic acid (in hair dye), benzene (rubber cement), arsenic (rat poison), and more.

• His brand of e-cigarettes contains only fluids of water vapor and “food grade” ingredients: kosher vegetable glycerin and vegetable propylene and natural flavoring, and the nicotine is derived naturally, whatever that may mean.

• Traditional cigarette smoking harms all body organs, while e-cigarettes don’t while mimicking a traditional smoking experience for adults.

• In American culture, admitting that one needs help quitting smoking can be difficult. E-cigarettes can be a help that does not cause social embarrassment.

Quitting smoking is an individual decision and is different for every person. Smokers wishing to quit often seek advice and help from their medical provider. Many states offer help and some provide free classes and even products. E-cigarettes are one possible option that may help.

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