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One veteran will receive a service dog this July 4th

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Guardians of Rescue Logo
Guardians of Rescue

Sergeant Ryan Jamison Matthew Holiday, a medically retired Marine Corps veteran, will be receiving a gift that comes with life-changing possibilities. Thanks to the Guardians of Rescue (GOR), a New York pet rescue organization, Holiday will be able to get a service dog that will help him through the symptoms of his PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). The best part, in addition to being given the dog by GOR, the gift of his new helper dog will be received on a very special holiday times two. July 4th and Ryan’s birthday are one and the same, making this gift a triple bonus!

The dog will be delivered right to retired Sgt. Holiday’s home in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, on Friday, July 4th, will play an important role in helping this veteran be able to overcome the symptoms of his PTSD and to be his companion while he battles depression. Holiday served 10 months in Iraq in 2009, afterward being medically retired. Ever since, he has been seeking treatment that can help him overcome his medical conditions and be able to live a more normal lifestyle.

“Our Paws of War program is doubly rewarded as we are proud to help both ends of the leash begin a new journey together,” explains Dori Scofield, Vice President of Guardian of Rescue. “This is a small gift that will have a major impact on the life of this well-respected veteran.”

Sgt. Holiday served in the Marine Corps for six years and won numerous medals, includiong the National Defense Ribbon, Operation Iraqi Freedom Medal, Good Conduct Medal, Navy and Marine Cops Achievement Medal, Sea Service Deployment Ribbon, War on Terrorism Service Medal, and a Navy Unit Commendation Medal. He spent January to October, 2009, in Iraq. Once he returned home, he realized that there were problems. Physically his body was producing kidney stones every three months, not to mention the mental issues he was experiencing. Shortly thereafter, he was diagnosed with PTSD.

“I am really looking forward to everything that my new service dog can provide me and help me with along my travels in life,” said Holiday. “I am excited that Guardians of Rescue have chosen me to give the gift of the service dos. This is a great gesture and program that they have.”

Ryan’s father was also a military veteran. He served in Vietnam and also suffered from PTSD and depression. The difference is that he was not able to receive the type of help his son has. Despite his best attempts to get help, his conditions failed to improve. He ended up committing suicide, which is what prompted Ryan to enter the military in his honor.

Check out the great works that the Guardians of Rescue perform for animals and people. Not only does their Paws of War program help veterans, their basic everyday animal rescue goes around this great big country of ours and performs many life-saving missions. Go to to find out more.

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