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One town in New Jersey uses toe nail clippings to reveal cancer exposure

Nails reveals different things about the body including exposure to toxins.
Nails reveals different things about the body including exposure to toxins.
By Eastop -

Chicago and other cities and small towns can learn from the research this one town in New Jersey is doing to help find out how much exposure their residence had when cancer-causing chemicals were spilled in their area. Thirty years ago, thousands of pounds of cancer-causing hexavalent chromium leaked from an electroplating factory in Garfield. Finger nail clippings are helping scientists see how much exposure residences had. The toenail clippings can help because Chromium can accumulate in toenails. Because toenails grow slowly and it may be possible to see how much carcinogen has accumulated in someone’s body in the pass 18 months.

Garfield, New Jersey is using nail clippings to research Cancer exposure.

There is no high incidents of cancer in the area, but this test will just help residences know more. The research team is trying to test as many as 250 residents from the area. They are asked to take a kit that contains stainless steel toenail clippers (some cheap clippers contain chrome). They will receive instructions on how to clip the nails and envelopes to put the clippings in. They are working with test subjects from ages 18 to 65 who live in Garfield, New Jersey and have been there for at least two years, don’t take chromium supplements and don’t smoke. This investigation will help them know how much exposure to the cancer-causing substance the residences have been exposed to. It may take weeks to learn the results.

This study shows how the body can reveal many signs to health issues and may help to take preventative measures before health issues occur. Other than fingernails and toenails, the eyes tell you about your body also. The eyes are a map to all the organs in the body and different signs can reveal issues. This is called Iridology.

Tongue readings are another way the body shows signs of what is going on with the body. In Chinese medicine this technique has been used for centuries. The color, texture and shape of the tongue tells different things.

Reflexology is another method that the body is used to learn more, with the use of pressure points and medrians the body can reveal what is going on with all the organs of the body with the feet, the hands and even the ears, using the various pressure points. These different points link to different organs of the body. Reflexologists can tell if certain organs have issues.

The body is amazingly and wonderfully made and God has given ways for the body to show if different issues are going on through fingernails and more.

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