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One in three Colorado voters in the Tea Party

Colorado leads the nation as the state with the highest membership in the Tea Party movement.
Colorado leads the nation as the state with the highest membership in the Tea Party movement.
Kathleen Baker

In a video released yesterday by Rasmussen Reports, Colorado came out as the state leading the nation in the Tea Party movement with 33% of likely voters stating they consider themselves Tea Partiers. Kentucky and Alabama followed with 31% involvement.

However, this did not come as a shock to liberty organizers in the state. Keith Peterson, chair of Hear Us Now, the organizers of the Denver Tax Day Tea Party, stated, “I'm not all that surprised. Colorado at its core is still a state of American western values, ideals and can-do attitude.” He also noted that one of the original people to jump on Twitter after Rick Santelli’s infamous rant to get the Tea Party rolling was Coloradoan Brian Campbell, also a board member of Hear Us Now. Peterson continued, “Coloradoans are used to and prefer to forge their own path and way in life and we find it much easier to do so with government as far out of the way as possible.”

Lu Busse, Chair of The 9-12 Project Colorado Coalition, found the results heartening. "It's encouraging to all of us in the Colorado pro-liberty movement to see that a third of likely voters say they are part of the Tea Party movement. Efforts to coordinate our activities and messages across the state, whenever our loose collection of sixty grassroots groups can, have succeeded in motivating people to get involved and be part of the solution," said Busse.

Another of the first groups in the state was the Colorado Tea Party, which was founded March 8, 2009, a couple weeks after the first Tea Party in Colorado. Grace Charree, an organizer with the group, viewed the news positively. “It’s fantastic, because I see it as power, and we can use that power for good. When we’re not in a group we don’t have that power. The goals of the Tea Party are pure, and I’m grateful to all the people in Colorado because I’ve met some fantastic people who are selfless, and I’ve never met such a group that is so selfless. I know we’re going to win this.”