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One Step Ahead provides parents with guide to choosing the perfect baby safety gate for their home

First Years foot petal gate with extension.
First Years foot petal gate with extension.
photo by Nicole Franklin

Jacksonville parents and soon-to-be parents can rest easy with One Step Ahead's Gate Selection Guide when choosing the perfect baby gate to keep their little ones safe.  Parents use baby gates for different reasons throughout their house and One Step Ahead has produced a guide that not only explains what options are out there, but what gate will provide the best safety features for certain areas.

Gates are meant to be used to keep babies and toddlers safe.  Parents use safety gates to prevent little ones from leaving an area or entering an area that could be dangerous for them to be in without supervision.  Gates are most effective when used with children who are less than 35 inches and weigh under 30 pounds. 

One Step Ahead's Safety Gate Guide

One Step Ahead has designed an easy to follow guide and suggestions for picking out the gate that will satisfy all requirements.  They have separated all safety gates into 3 categories:  standard, extra-wide, and specialty.  Parents need to measure their doorway openings or specialty areas (like a fire place) to make sure they understand how wide the gate will extend and how it can be mounted.

Safety gates can be installed in different ways.  Gates that can be used on stairways are hardware-mounted.  This requires holes to be drilled into walls or doorways, but the gate is the most secure.  Other gates can be pressure-mounted when being used on one-level surfaces.

Safety gates come in a variety of color options and made out of wood, metal, plastic, and mesh.  Some gates have no opening feature and others can be opened with a foot petal or unlocked with a latch. 

One Step Ahead has put all this information into an easy to read chart that helps parents understand their options!  The website has also has short "how to" videos demonstrating how to measure and install safety gates.

What To Know Before Purchasing Online

Jacksonville parents have many options when purchasing safety gates and other baby and toddler toys and products.  It's best to shop around both online and locally because many stores like Babies R Us have 15% off coupons and run sales throughout the year.  They also offer reward programs which generate coupons and small bonus gift cards. 

Using the guide that One Step Ahead has produced is a great resource.  Using the chart that shows the different types of gates while shopping will help with all of the options in the stores! 

Locally Babies R Us, Target, Walmart, Baby Depot, and second hand stores like Belly Buttons and A 2nd Childhood all carry baby safety gates.


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