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One Spark 2014: The Show Must Burn On creator 20302

Molotov Cocktail Party
I've watched them spin for over five years. I've watched them spin fire in the rain, a tropical storm no less, literally setting fire to the rain, eat your heart out Adele.
They've been accosted by bums, by drunks, by well meaning overly enthusiastic fans, albeit a little stupid, do not approach the fire performers while they are performing with fire.

Penny Wise as "The Queen of the Circus"
Red Velvet Photography
Molotov Cocktail Party
Red Velvet Photography

I've seen them sweep a neglected city street and pick up trash, preparing their “stage” for a performance.
I've seen them burn themselves 100 x 100 times more, small burns during training sets and live performances, burns that do nothing but increase their own fire within.

Through it all I've seen them improve; themselves, their craft, their equipment, costumes, their performance and their hearts as well. Not only are the Party Members the premier fire performance troupe within our city, they are some of the kindest, most considerate, friendly and caring people you could ever have the privilege of meeting.

If you have not yet had that privilege I urge you to do so by attending one of their One Spark performances. If you are able to support them with a contribution please do so but voting is free and everyone can vote. You can register here.

Molotov Cocktail Party’s One Spark show is titled “THE SHOW MUST BURN ON” they are Creator # 20302.

“Picture it: A world with no room for Freedom. Creativity. Frivolity. Expression. There is only room for Productivity. Order. The drudgery of the 9-till-the-lashes-stop. This is exactly the world Molotov Cocktail Party find itself in for our One Spark Project. A draconian regime rules the huddled masses with a fiery fist, and those who refuse to give up their freedom and love of life live as vagabonds and fugitives, making their way as best they can. Some simply try to exist on the run while others resist, but it is a losing battle. Will nothing turn the tide and bring the warm, flickering lights of Creativity and Freedom back to the embroiled lands of Molotovia? Come join us during OneSpark to see us tell our tale with music and fire and put on our biggest production yet!”
"The Show Must Burn On" Creator #20302 when voting.

Photography by Red Velvet Photography

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