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One single voice

Jesus © D. P. Clarke

In the final moments with His disciples, Jesus instructed them to take His message to the whole world. He commissioned them to preach that the kingdom of heaven was at hand, to make disciples, and to teach them everything He had taught them. Two thousand fourteen years later, His followers have the same commission. The question becomes, “How can we make our voice heard?”

Michael Gisondi also wondered about that. What could he do to encourage the children of God? His goal was to help motivate them through Jesus’ parables and the psalms, as well as from individual success stories and by using current events. After pondering several ideas on how he could do this, the answer came to him – radio.

He contacted a radio station in Melbourne, Fla., but didn’t get a response. Then, after several months, WDMC AM 920 said “yes.” He met with the station manager to discuss his idea. The rest, as they say, is history. In June 2011, Mike began sharing 60 second messages that included forgiving co-workers, faith under trials, and enduring life’s storms.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? In fact, Mike went through a learning process to develop his messages. The first one was actually 3 minutes. Too long he now says. He wanted feedback from the station manager on how things were going, but all he was told was pray about it. This response only frustrated Mike and, after several months, he became discouraged. He started to wonder about his own motivation, why was he doing this. At one point he even felt like giving up.

As he prayed about it, the idea occurred to him to approach more radio stations. Research on the Internet gave him the names of several station managers. Then he sent them an e-mail with a voice message attached that he’d done on a RadioShack digital recorder. Mike relates how things started picking up when positive responses came in from Pennsylvania and Iowa.

From that small beginning, Mike’s 60 second messages are now aired on 23 stations on 4 continents from Australia to Zambia.

Many believers depend on apostles, evangelists and preachers to spread Jesus’ message. But they can only reach so many. Isn’t it time the whole body of Christ added their voices too? This is the story of how one man added his voice, an average man, an everyday man. Not a church leader. Not the head of a religious organization.

One single voice – a local boy from Merritt Island, Fla. One single voice – an individual who had a heart after God. Added to that One single voice – Lord Jesus’, who split the course of history so that the universe sings His praise.

Let us pray about what we can do to join our voice with that chorus. Then let’s act on the answer. And remember, no matter what, don’t give up.

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