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One ring cell phone scam: Beware of missed call, your curiosity can be costly

One ring cell phone scam, beware of the missed call, it could be a costly call-back on your part.
One ring cell phone scam, beware of the missed call, it could be a costly call-back on your part.
Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

A one ring cell phone scam is costing folks a lot of money and it is happening nationwide. The phone rings once and then hangs up, but this is when curiosity gets the best of people. When they call back to see who it was, this is when the money starts racking up, according to NBC News on Feb. 3.

It seems as if the creators of this scam are counting on human nature to rob you of your money. To avoid this all together, if you get a missed call on your cell phone from a number you don't recognize, don't call back. For those who couldn't stop their temptation and who did call back it has cost them plenty.

When you call back, you are charged $19.95 up front. This is called an international call fee. Then you are charged $9 per minute for what ever service they are offering on the other end. When you call back you are usually connected to an "adult entertainment service" which is a service that you pay for.

These scams usually come from outside the U.S. and the area codes are growing in number with these area codes included: 268, 809, 876, 284 and 473. Many of the calls originate in Granada and the Dominican Republic, reports "Fox and Friends" live on Tuesday morning Feb. 4.

If you are ever tempted to call back and find the urge just too strong to ignore, try using a website like Who Called Us, which tracks complaints by specific numbers. You can see if the number you are about to call is registered as a scam. Some of the reverse number websites can even tell you the area from where the call originated from.

The moral of the story goes: Beware of the one ring missed call, it could be a costly curiosity on your part if you choose to call it back!

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