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One relationship to another

This is how it starts out.
This is how it starts out.

I write about relationships from past & present experiences. It helps & encourages some people. I've always said I write straight from my heart; what I feel, to me that is the best part of writing.

Relationships are great, not all are bad & most certainly not all are as great as they seem. Unfortunately I too have made mistakes, will continue to make them but take with you what you learn from them (If you did at all).

I had to write this article because I too am going through a rough relationship issue & it's most irritating to hear the words. "The best way to get over one is to start with another, or just find a new one to forget the old". Really people that is such a cliché. Most people, well some people don't want to start dating another when their heart still hurts from some other. (Sorry, didn't mean to rhyme). Time after time I have heard & seen this; why do people think this is the best answer to everything? Well it may be for some but definitely not for others.

I believe the heart needs to heal, the memories will always be there, even dozen years later but people need to learn to "take your time, ease your newfound single status into your life". Once the relationship has ended don't waste time in being bitter & angry, don't go belittling each other all over social media & for heaven’s sake don't cause drama with the jealousy outburst of seeing them with another. I say this with the utmost respect because I have been there WAY BACK IN THE DAY (so drastically driven with emotional turmoil, I even sliced up all his belongings & shoes) there truly is no need for such stupidity.

As a person who has learned much & many things about relationships, breakups & marriage; trust in my words let it go & move forward. Yes we all want to burst out & scream WHY, WTH, I hate you, etc. Go right ahead & do so, release that anger (stress) then breathe, wipe the tears away and take the next step of your life. I know it’s easier said than done but life is too precious to waste it on someone who clearly doesn’t or didn’t want you.

When the person male or female is ready to move towards the direction of a new love interest they will know. Until that day comes continue as friends & family members, coworkers & whatnots that you are to the person in the ended relationship; simply be there.

A cup of coffee, walk in the park, phone call or whatever can always be greater comfort & encouragement than introducing a new relationship to someone who is not ready.

Take the time to get over a ended relationship, heal your sorrow, don't make idiotic mistakes that you will regret, keep telling yourself everything will be ok & will get better when you focus on yourself instead of the one who didn't on you.

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