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One Red Lipstick - A Documentary Film

One Red Lipstick is a new feature-length documentary & companion book that exposes the truth about becoming successful even when you feel like it will never happen for you. The filmmaker's father was left severely disabled after a brain stem stroke. At 17 she had a great deal of responsibilities thrown her way as her mom struggled to look after her dad as he fought for his life.

She was running the house, caring for her four-year old brother, and applying to university. She saw first hand how the family had to start all over and build a brand new business just to pay the bills and keep things going, and along the way was exposed to incredible women doing the same thing. Spenser decided it was time to tell her generation some of those stories of turning challenge into success.

We all need role models, women who have gone before us, and yes, faced their share of struggles, but have forged on to achieve and realize their dreams. This documentary, book and website will show the reality of becoming an "overnight success". We don’t want the achievement to be sugar coated, because we all know it rarely happens that way. We want the book to be real, honest, authentic and most of all, inspiring.

You can get some great perks, like your name in the credits, photography sessions, Lipstick and the rock it kit!

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