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One recipe every cook should master

You'll need to learn how to make this at some point, so why not master it now?
You'll need to learn how to make this at some point, so why not master it now?
Fieldhouse Kitchen

At some point in your life, there will come a time when you’ll cook a meal for someone.

Now you may be an amateur in the kitchen whose repertoire only goes as far as prepackaged macaroni and cheese in the microwave – forget that fancy boxed stuff that requires an actual stove.

Or you may be an esteemed chef honing your craft at one of New York’s most bustling restaurants whose very name entices shivers of excitement down a restaurant critic’s spine.

But regardless of your skillset in the kitchen, there’s one dish that you should know how to make, and know how to make well: A roast chicken.

A whole roasted bird may sound intimidating. But mind you, it’s not the Thanksgiving turkey.

You’ll need just six ingredients for this meal – seven including the whole chicken, which will only set you back about $10 and you will be able to eat it all week long.

Not convinced yet?

Imagine who (besides a vegetarian or vegan) wouldn’t be thrilled about having a perfectly roasted chicken for dinner.

So try this foolproof recipe for Lemon Roasted Chicken with Confetti Potatoes. It’s a complete meal all in one pan that requires just 10-15 minutes of prep… and the oven does the rest!

Head over to Fieldhouse Kitchen for more recipes and ideas inspired by cooking with minimal space, supplies and money in a New York City studio.

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