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One real wish this holiday season....

We will find a cure...
We will find a cure...

I found it hard this year to take part in all the discussions around ‘what every one is thankful for.’ I am really only thankful for one thing right now. Yes, I of course am lucky to have a lovely family, stable career and no personal illnesses.  However what I am thankful for is that my sister is living and will not have to battle chemo all her life.

My younger sister was diagnoses 5 months ago with breast cancer. She did chemo, lost her hair, poisoned her internal workings and battled migraines every single day.  And she is having a double mastectomy and next week and a hysterectomy next month.  As I said, I am so thankful that she is here -- you see she is has STAGE ONE, which is good.  Well, no cancer is good, but for her, stage one is the most curable.

Some women with stage one don’t have to do chemo or have a mastectomy (Cheryl Crow). But since she was born with the cancer gene (BRCA 1) she had to take aggressive measures.

I'm excited to get my lil sis back.  I don’t know the sick woman in bed who is constantly tired and in pain.  I know the pretty, funny and savvy business gal who will do anything to succeed.

I’m the big sis who is suppose to be strong and lead the way.  But each time I see her I feel like I’m the small sister as she stands tall and takes life in her hands.  Yes, she is scared, but has to keep on ticking because she has a life to live.  I have a life to live too, but I’ve found myself stunted by all this.  Can she get through this?  How does she feel?  What can I possibly do to help?  I send gifts, write her poems, make her photo books and call as much as a I can.

Now that chemo is over, she gets up each day, puts on false eyelashes and goes to work --Sometimes with the wig, sometimes without it. 

So this year, yes, I am thankful -- Thankful that she will be over this.  Nothing else seems to matter to me at this point. 

She said to me, “I can’t go through any more stuff…how much can I endure?  I am not the bionic woman. Or maybe after all of this I will be.”  

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