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One president at a time: Hillary advises the Senate

In a move that confirms all suspicions and anticipation, Hillary Clinton has weighed in on Iran sanctions and advises the Senate that they would be premature. She supports the President and John Kerry’s direction to let negotiations play out first.

'The former US seceratary of state Hillary Clinton positioned herself as a hawk on Iran while urging restraint on new sanctions.' Guardian
Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Surely, she recognizes Iran as being a “threat to global security”. But timing and sequencing of events is essential in diplomacy, and the State Department doesn’t need to jab in the process.

A little advice from the sidelines can be helpful at this juncture, however, there is only one President and Secretary of State on point right now.

The Senate is getting feisty now, show some independence from Obama. In this instance, they should support the delicate operation.

“Hillary Clinton calls on Senate not to impose more sanctions on Iran

Spencer Ackerman in Washington, Sunday 2 February 2014 16.46 EST

Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state and Democratic presidential heir apparent, has urged her former Senate colleagues not to pass new sanctions on Iran, even as she called the Islamic Republic a “threat to global security”.

The intervention from Clinton, who holds a commanding lead in a 2016 Democratic primary contest she has not formally entered, represents both a new opportunity for the Obama administration to rescue its major diplomatic overture from a Congress that largely loathes it and a threat of being undermined by a potent and independent force within the Democratic Party.

Clinton’s involvement in the Iran debate subtly positions the Democratic frontrunner as an Iran hawk who is less hopeful of the diplomatic bargain ending US grievances with Tehran than she is cautious about Washington fracturing a diplomatic coalition needed to enforce punitive measures on Iran.”

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