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One Piece PVC Figure Set

One Piece is a juggernaut of the anime world, with nearly 700 episodes in subtitled format, and about half of that dubbed in English. Most anime viewers are at least passing familiar with the story of Monkey D. Luffy, and his crew of Straw Hat pirates. It stands to reason that there would be a fair amount of merchandise associated with the franchise. Perhaps surprisingly, most of it is in the format of figurines and collectibles rather than action figures. In fact, aside from a very small selection of characters put out in the Bandai Tamashii Nations line, no real 'action figures' have been made from the series.

Boa Hancock. This is my favorite of the different dresses she wears in the series. As much as I enjoy the character, I am annoyed to say that this is her least revealing costume.

Nevertheless, some figures are out there, and there is, of course, quite mixed quality. These range from expensive statues at the high end, to what amounts to happy meal style toys and the extreme opposite. The toys reviewed herein, are at the latter end of the spectrum. That said, such figurine sets are a nice way to get affordable representations of some of the harder to find characters from the series.

Case in point, Boa Hancock. This set even includes her harder to find Jolly Roger dress. Also included are Monkey D. Luffy (of course), Mega Cyborg Franky, Tony Tony Chopper, and a very recent incarnation of Nami. Some of the painting applications in this set are a bit iffy. I have no idea if this is indicative of the quality of most of these types of figures, or if I just got a bad set. I'm inclined to think the latter. On the other hand, I did get the whole set for under $12, shipping included. The moral of the story here is that you get what you pay for, and that even iffy figures can be worthwhile if you want a specific or hard to find version of a character (I really wanted that Boa).

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