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One-Percenter Pope demands violent wealth redistribution

The Pope revealed himself for the ruthlessly violent collectivist elitist that he is when, according to an AP article, "Pope Francis called Friday for governments to redistribute wealth to the poor in a new spirit of generosity to help curb the 'economy of exclusion' that is taking hold today."

The Vatican is a country. The church is its government. How much of their obscenely massive wealth will this government redistribute to the poor?
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Pope Francis is explicitly demanding that governments initiate violence against the most productive members of their own populations and turn the mass of their peoples into dependent serfs.

Here is the reality of his statement.

No government in the world and throughout history has ever created its own wealth through peaceful, voluntary means. By its very definition "government" is an institution controlled by and for a powerful group of elitist psychopathic criminals.

The specific purpose of government is to steal wealth from those who have created it. The redistribution of this wealth is always done in the same way; the elitist psychopathic criminals – the politicians, the corporatists, the banksters, the political king-makers behind all of the thrones of government – become the super rich while the poor receive the crumbs redistributed to them to keep them in their place.

The Pope, of all people, certainly understands that anyone and anything powerful enough to redistribute other people's wealth will simply redistribute it into their own pockets.

The Pope's beloved Roman Catholic Church is and has always been an alternative power structure to traditional governments. The great majority of Catholics throughout the world, estimated at 1.2 billion, are compost poor while the power structure – from local priest to Bishop all the way up to the Vatican Cardinals and the Pope himself live in successively higher degrees of luxury. The Pope, through the phony contrivance of a "vow of poverty," lives as his successors have lived, in the most garish opulence the world has ever known.

The ultimate hypocrisy is that the Roman Catholic Church is the wealthiest institution on earth. If this Pontiff really thinks that the government redistribution of other people's wealth is an act of generosity and will "help curb the 'economy of exclusion'" he should put his own house's lavish fortune where his holy pie hole is by making the following demand:

"Pope Francis called today for the Vatican and all Catholic Churches around the world to redistribute every bit of its wealth to all of the poor of the world in a new spirit of generosity."

All Popes are One-Percenters rightly despised by thinking Occupiers and libertarians. Does he really not know that the violence he calls for only begets more violence?

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