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One or more video cameras at the ceremony


To fully capture the moment you must have more than one video camera.  The main video camera most likely will be set up in the front (somewhat behind the groomsmen) so that it captures the couple as they face the pastor and when the bride turns to face her groom during their vows.  That angle will have a great close-up of her face. Photo courtesy of

Unfortunately, this video camera’s angle does not capture someone that faces the guests while reading Bible scriptures and it may also miss the sand ceremony or lighting of the unity candle. The main video camera is positioned to see the bride and groom when they are facing the pastor, so when the couple moves to the candle or the sand, they move out of the video camera’s view. The video camera may then be blocked by either the groomsmen or the pastor so getting that shot of the couple is very difficult.  

A second video camera is positioned from the rear to capture the couple during the lighting of the unity candle (or sand ceremony), those reading scriptures and when zoomed out the video camera captures the wide shot of the entire bridal party and a great shot of the couple once they are married and walking back down the aisle.

The main video camera might not capture her entrance due to several factors:

  • alignment of the groomsmen
  • elevation of the area where the main video camera is located
  • greenery and other décor up front.  

Therefore a third video camera can be setup so that it captures the bride’s entrance as she makes her way down the aisle. 

Other factors to consider: some churches and other facilities may have regulations regarding placement and the number of video cameras allowed during the ceremony so verify their rules first. They may have regulations for the photographer as well. There are other situations that may alter the placement of the video cameras such as the religious ceremony itself. Some catholic ceremonies have the couple sitting in a chair facing the guests so placement of the video cameras will be different and so optimal placement of multiple video cameras is a must. The more video cameras used produces a better wedding DVD.