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One-on-one with Tony Terry, a transparent sound

On August 3, 2014, Grammy nominated singer, producer, actor and philanthropist Tony Terry was honored with award at the Atlanta Producer Music Awards. The event, held at the MTV Lounge, in Atlanta, Ga., was hosted by Filmmaker & Author Kenyon Glover.

Tony Terry, more than a balladeer
Tony Terry/GJ&J

Tony Terry was born in 1964, in North Carolina. His singing career took off with his first Billboard charting single, called “She’s Fly”, after signing with Epic/CBS Records. He is best known for his single “With You”, which has been reported, by many sources, to be his biggest hit.

MyMeApparel Atlanta Fashion and Entertainment Examiner took a “one-on-one” moment with Tony Terry, to get the inside scoop on ‘the world of Tony Terry’ and what the future holds for him. It became clear that Terry is an infectiously down-to-earth, open-book type talent. His fine tuned focus is faith, family and friends. His artistic goals are to be transparent and leave an inspirational message in his foot steps.

Terry spoke of his soon-to-be-released music as life songs. His newest work, scheduled to be release in late 2014, is a compilation of songs that tell real stories and affect an emotional place, including some anecdotes and relationships.

“My new music is completely transparent; get off my chest; real stuff; honest…”

~ Tony Terry, Grammy nominated R&B artist

Terry has been described as “well traveled, well versed and well respected”, having traveled the world, on tour, with Roberta Flack. When asked, where his favorite place was and where, if anywhere, he would like to perform, his answer was clear and concise: New York. Terry cited the energy and representation of all ethnic groups as the draw for him. He also stated that “if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere”, in regards to artistic success.

“I thought providing for the needs of my daughter was enough (working to have food, clothing shelter, and having her with someone I could trust her to be safe with), but now I know all she wanted and needed was for me to be there with her. We still are trying to work through those issues.”

~ Tony Terry, Grammy nominated R&B artist

Terry’s current focus is on faith, family and friends. So, even though he still travels much (including stops in New York), he currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia, to be near family. He now realizes this importance of being there for his family. He grabs every moment he can to play catch and/or ride bikes with his seven year old son. Special moments like that were not often available when he was raising his daughter, as a single parent starting a musical career. His parents helped to raise her. In his upcoming songs, he addresses these challenges (traveling single parent, being young and unsettled) and their impact on his family.

In the early years of his musical career, decisions were made for (and by him) that lead him on the road of a balladeer, especially with the huge success of “With You”. Because of its success, those around him wanted him to create more of the same; while Terry did not want to commit to just singing ballads. Not sure of what his image was at the time (having grown up listening to country western music), yet wanting to embrace what his audience was wanting, Terry conceded to provide material requested by his label, which defined his image. To date, he still lends his voice for matrimonial and corporate events.

Tony Terry’s true entertainment origins are on the stage and in theatrical performances. He played in “Mama, I want to Sing”, which was co-produced by Michael Jackson and ran for over five years. He has recently been involved in several other productions, such as “When Men Pray”.

He philanthropic efforts, led to his receipt of the Global Economic Recovery Council Humanitarian Award, as a result of his contributions towards the fight to overcome fibromyalgia. Tony Terry’s wife, Larondra Dison-Terry, has suffered with fibromyalgia since the birth of their son. He sees the disease as a family plight. As its 2013 national spokesman, he works very closely with the National Fibromyalgia Association (NFA). His wife is their current spokeswoman, for 2014. Terry is also passionate about diabetes and breast cancer which have affected his father and aunts, respectively. In performance, during song breaks, he utilizes his platform to advocate for regular checkups and acceptance of male vulnerability.

In his new work, he has made a vow to lay all of his cards on the table. He has taken control of his image, including his fashion statement. Unlike some of his previous looks, his new style is a mature, tailored, polished look with clean lines that offer a more put together image.

Tony Terry is working hard on wrapping up his newest musical works, in collaboration with songwriter/actress Robin Givens. He can soon be seen on the stage, as a lead actor in “Carwash” and “Joy in the Morning”. He is also slated to launch a national radio station in 2015.

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