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One-on-One with Di Fara's Margaret De Marco

Margaret DeMarco at Di Fara Pizzeria

If you've ever braved the crowds at Di Fara Pizzeria, you've met Margaret. She's one of owner Domenico DeMarco's daughters and the manager of the world-renowned pizza shop. In charge of fielding PR requests (there are many), ordering food supplies (only the best quality), managing the day-to-day, monitoring the company's social media channels and dealing with the crowds, Margaret takes it all in stride. You will rarely see her without a smile even when there are famished fans standing in front of her for almost 3 hours at a time. I got the chance to sit down with Margaret to talk about what inspires her, just how far people come for her dad's food, and exactly how often she actually eats pizza.

What inspires you?
I would say my father is probably my biggest inspiration. He is an example that doing more than what is expected of you is what will lead to extraordinary results. He never just makes a pizza. He creates an experience. I learned from him to be fearless when it comes to developing a recipe . To never follow the instructions and to go beyond what's basic. Even with your time and kindness. To give more than what y o u think you have to spare. To always go the extra mile.

What is the most unbelievable thing that has happened at Di Fara during a busy day?

There are so many crazy memories. A couple walking in in their wedding gown and tuxedo to have a pizza was one. At a private party, a singing telegram monkey walked in and that made everyone laugh. I have been asked to set up a quiet time next week for a gentleman to propose to his girlfriend. He claims their first date was at difara and it was a disaster because they waited two hrs and she was mad he made her wait 2 hrs to eat on a first date lol..There are many more I can mention..These are most recent In my mind.

What's the craziest topping someone has ever asked for?
The craziest pizza topping which is happening more than ever is pineapple. Yesterday someone asked me for pineapple and anchovies mixed. I had a hard time imagining the flavors together.

How often do you eat pizza?
I eat DiFara pizza 4 to 6 days a week. If I am lucky, sometimes twice a day. I look forward to it .

What's the furthest someone has come for pizza?
Australia and China are the furthest . We get a lot of visitors from there.

When you aren't at Di Fara, what are you doing?
When I am not at DiFara, I spend time with my husband , friends and family. My favorite thing in the world is good company. I try to pair that with great food and wine as a daily reminder of how life is so good.

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