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One Ohio newspaper says 'it's not broke don't fix it' of Ohio's gun laws


  • Adam 6 years ago

    Daniel, I agree with the amendment (obviously, I'm on your mailing list) but am confused about the part about removing the holster requirement. I think holsters add a great deal of safety while still allowing easy access for defensive purposes. If people begin carrying unholstered in their pockets I fear this would increase the risk of an accidental discharge which would give "ammo" to the anti-carry folks. Am I misinterpreting this?

  • Dancinphule 6 years ago

    This bill really strikes home with me.

    Just this last Saturday night, in accordance with the law, I left my firearm in my car before going into a nightclub in downtown cleveland. As a rule, I don't drink alcohol because it's expensive and bad for my health.

    When I returned to my car, there was a man in it, taking my things.

    He pulled my gun and threatened to shoot me with it.

    If I could have kept my gun on me in the bar, there wouldn't be another gun on the streets for the police and people to fear. Also I would not have been unarmed when returning to my car while it was being broken into.

    If that man had been more desperate, violent, on drugs, or any number of other variables, I could have been shot.

    From this recent firsthand experience, I'd say the CCW laws need revised.

  • Bob Leny 6 years ago

    It is no more dangerous to carry a gun around in a purse, than it is to carry a gun in a purse that is under the seat of a car. I personally wouldn't want my gun in a purse (lol), much less in a purse and under my seat...

    A purse is not usually a good place to put a gun, and if you are carrying in a purse, you should probably have the purse in plain sight for, if nothing else, easy access, but we do not need to make it a law.

    Education is more powerful than ANY law. If we show people that carrying a gun in a purse is a bad idea and that a proper holster that covers the trigger guard is a good idea, then people will start using a proper holster.

    Education makes people safe, not laws. Keep in mind, though, that when I say that, there are some laws that coincide with keeping people safe, but it is not the law that keeps people safe. I don't wear a seatbelt because the law tells me to, I wear it to improve my chances of walking away from a car accident.

  • Lance 6 years ago

    Here in Colorado we have had shall issue CCW for about 7 years, and ours is MUCH more liberal than Ohio. There is no permit required to carry loaded & concealed in your vehicle, permit holders you can carry in banks, bars, restaurants and liquor stores. No blood running in the streets here. Even if there were, I doubt it would be caused by those willing to go through training and meet with Law enforcement to be fingerprinted and background checked. Let the permit holders carry anywhere, you will see no increase in crime... why would you?

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