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One of Korea's most talented actresses, Jiin Jang

Jiin Jang actress
Jiin Jang actress
Photo courtesy of: 'Playades Theatre Company' (c) 2014

Jiin Jang is a Korean-born actress from the United Kingdom who has been making her way in the theater scene for the past several years. Jang has appeared in numerous stage productions, including some housed at prestigious theaters in the UK.

A brief selection of some of her more notable work includes:

UNHEARD Project's Rape and Finally
These two productions first premiered at The Space Theatre in London in June of 2013. Both productions, part of the UNHEARD project, are intended to highlight new theater productions which explore the "unheard" stories of violence, rape and sexual abuse. Jang played the character of Sarah in Bradley Leech's Rape and Mi-sun in Tessa Hart's Finally.

V-day's The Vagina Monologues

The Vagina Monologues, a Tony-award winning play by Eve Ensler, was produced by Monique Wilson and Tessa Hart and premiered at The Rose LIpman Building Theatre in March of 2013. The play was both controversial and applauded when it initially premiered on Broadway due to its tackling of often-taboo subject matter and its exclusive focus on female characters.

Playade's Blue Beard Babes

This play, produced for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, gives a "backstage tour" of the true story of Henry VIII and his six wives. This comedic piece gives the story of Henry VIII a satirical sexy update. Jang played the role of Jane Seymour, the wife who died soon after giving birth to Henry VIII's son Edward.

Eat15 Acting School's Macbeth

This production of Macbeth, showcased at The Globe Theatre, was shown in 2010. Macbeth is often described as being the most intense, darkest and most powerful of all of Shakespeare's tragic plays. In this production, Jang played the roll of Ross, a Scottish noble who turns on Macbeth and plays a part in the tragic trajectory of the titular character’s story.

There is much more to come from the talented Jiin Jang!

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