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One of Gandolfini's last and a horror film among new DVDs hitting stores today

You're Next and Enough Said come to DVD this week
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This is the time of year to catch up on the movies that were released in 2013 that you might have missed. This is a statement made when you consider the new movies that Hollywood is sending to the theaters during this dead zone time of the year.

This week we have a couple of new movies arriving on the DVD shelves, rentals and OnDemand. They include a horror movie that got outstanding reviews and one of the final movies of a beloved actor known for his TV roles that also garnered hugely favorable reviews.

Here are the movies coming to DVD January 14, 2014:

You're Next - Sharni Vinson, Joe Swanberg, Nick Tucci. A movie that seems to take familiar horror movie tropes and turns them on their ear. A family gets together for a wedding anniversary when the horror starts. A group of people, all of them wearing exceptionally creepy animal masks, show up at the isolated home and start brutally murdering members of the family. However, it turns out that one member of that family has a background that the others aren't aware of. And the tables are soon turned, with the hunters becoming the hunted. This one received very favorable reviews when it came out in 2013 for being scary, gory and a lot of fun. Rated R.

Enough Said - James Gandolfini, Julie Louis-Dreyfuss. This one came out just after the beloved actor, Gandolfini, passed away suddenly from a heart attack. His performance has been praised and many have called for him to be nominated. The movie stars Louis-Dreyfuss as a divorced woman whose children are now grown up and leaving home. Looking for love and renewed by a friend, she decides to take a chance on a romance with a man named Albert. What she doesn't know is that Albert is actually the ex-husband of the friend who first encouraged her to get back out there and try romance again. A sweet, funny, engaging comedy for adults. This is one to see. Rated PG-13.

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